Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Geoform 4 Mellom (2023-05-31)
Miércoles 31 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
My left ankle has mostly stopped hurting so I ran this local event. I had to walk up the steepest parts and then I added a stupid ...
Kjentmannsposter 4 og 7 (2023-05-30)
Martes 30 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Training
We started with an 8 km bike ride, almost all uphill (40 min) to where the road ended, then a very steep hike to the old bear den ...
Stolpejakt on road bike in Fredrikstad (2023-05-27)
My MTB had a flat tire, so I decided to use my road bike instead, this meant that I had to take some more roundabout routes in a f...
Kjentmannspost 44 og 46 (2023-05-23)
Martes 23 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Training
Group hike to two fixed controls: 3.5 hours, 12 km, about 800m climb. 1.5 hours to #44, half an hour break there, then one hour a...
Stolpejakt med Cassian og Tone (2023-05-20)
Sábado 20 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Vi dro på tur med barnebarnet, kjørte til Åsebu og gikk derfra ned til strandkanten og plukket med oss postene frem til Brattes...
Koll 1-2-3 (2023-05-16)
Martes 16 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Lost my head completely on #12 when I followed unmapped MTB tracks and totally forgot to check my compass each time I found a new ...
Gromløpet H65 (2023-05-14)
Domingo 14 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Krigsskolen - Linderud
My running form is getting better and I managed to orienteer well for almost the entire race, with no serious mistakes: I hesit...
15-Stafetten etappe 2C (2023-05-13)
Sábado 13 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
We had to hand in our race maps so I have drawn my course on an 8 year old copy of the map, paths and vegetation were the most obv...
Geoformers (2023-05-10)
Miércoles 10 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Nearly perfect, still too slow.
Oslo City Cup Finale (2023-05-09)
Martes 9 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Sognsvann syd, NSK
Nobody close either in front of or behind me, so this chase start was just like a regular individual event. I made two signific...
Geoformers (2023-05-03)
Miércoles 3 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
I was told by the organizer that there was snow on the top part of the courses, so I decided to take the shortest option which sti...
Oslo City Cup 4 (2023-05-02)
Martes 2 Mayo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Mostly pure running! I lost about 10 sec on #7 when I hesitated above the retaining wall while trying to read/understand the map ...
Smaaleneneløpet (2023-04-30)
Domingo 30 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
KNA Varna - Torebråte, Indre Østfold
My best race (so far) this year. :-) I ran as fast as I could and made almost no mistakes: #1 was way down the hillside, but I t...
Lørdagskjappen (2023-04-29)
Sábado 29 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
KNA Varna, Moss
Pretty good orienteering, bad running speed. Very good to #1, then I ran too far to the right to #2 while trying to stay dry (I...
Oslo City Cup #3 (2023-04-25)
Martes 25 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
DSQ on control 2? It could be punched from both sides of the fence!
Oslo City Cup #2 (2023-04-18)
Martes 18 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
Ekeberg, BSK
I took too long to find the start triangle on the map, by the time I saw it and realized that I should have gone left to #1 I was ...
Solrenningen Lang H65 (2023-04-16)
Domingo 16 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
Finally a race with no stupid mistakes! Now I just need to run enough in the forest to regain some of my old runniing speed, today...
Solrenningen Mellom H65 (2023-04-15)
Sábado 15 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
The vegetation had completely changed around #1, I slid past the top of the reentrant without seeing any indication of it, lost ab...
Solrenningen Sprint (2023-04-14)
Viernes 14 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
One 30 sec mistake on #5 where I read the description to be on the outside corner while in reality it was inside. The orienteering...
Oslo City Cup 1 (2023-04-11)
Martes 11 Abril 2023
Categoría: Competition
Due to the rain forecast I tried to run with a single contact lens instead of glasses, but with the wrong strength: This meant tha...
Blåveissprinten (2023-03-25)
Sábado 25 Marzo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Tomb/Råde, Fredrikstad
Decided to run even though my body was wasted from last night and a prevous stomach bug. I am actually very satisfied with my orie...
Nattsvermeren (2023-03-24)
Viernes 24 Marzo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Tomb, Fredrikstad
I am mostly happy with my orienteering here, with one very glaring exception, a 15-min miss on #4: Mass start Night-O event, I ...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #8 (2023-03-07)
Martes 7 Marzo 2023
Categoría: Competition
Still no running speed but the only way to get better is to train! This was my first Night-O with headcam, I did mostly OK by a...
NM Sprint Arendal 2011 D21 Rerun (2023-03-04)
Youtube video The terrain had changed a bit over the previous 11.5 years, the first surprise was w...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #7 (2023-02-28)
Martes 28 Febrero 2023
Categoría: Competition
Holt, Ås
I was extremely rusty tonight, this was my first run of any kind in almost two months, since I broke a rib in the beginning of Jan...
Synfaring ved 8-kanten med Tone (2023-02-12)
Domingo 12 Febrero 2023
Categoría: Training
Vesterøy, Hvaler
We found a few new path segments by the cabins in the south end, and then a new path going back SSW along the valley. This one is ...