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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

PWT Cruise - St Barts (01.12.2023)
Last race, and my best race of the trip. Before today I lead the overall competition by just 44 seconds so I knew I had to avoid ...
PWT Cruise - Antigua (30.11.2023)
Čtvrtek 30 listopad 2023
Kategorie: Competition
English Harbour
Extremely hot, particularly from the 5th control! 4th win and a small lead in the over-all competition.
PWT Cruise - Guadeloupe (29.11.2023)
My third win of the week, no serious mistakes except for about 15 sec lost between 12 & 13 where my map showed an open path by the...
PWT Cruise - Terre-de-Haut (28.11.2023)
A very tight race, I ended up in third place after Richard Zeiner-Gundersen and Per W Torgersen, just 7 seconds behind.
PWT Cruise - Dominika (27.11.2023)
I cut through the jungle in three places, gained about a minute each time. I lost 30 sec when I started on the wrong route to #13...
PWT Cruise - Nevis (26.11.2023)
First race while onboard the Star Flyer: I suffered a brain meltdown towards #5 when I suddenly thought I saw that a short fence p...
PWT Cruise - St Martin (25.11.2023)
Sobota 25 listopad 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Concorde, Marigot
First win during the cruise! No serious mistakes, same route choices as Elias, the H21 winner.
Marigot, St Martin (24.11.2023)
Fine race until I lost 2 minutes from the last control to the finish...
PWT Cruise - Sint Maarten (23.11.2023)
Really bad race, including a couple of possible DSQ situations.
PWT Cruise - San Juan (20.11.2023)
Pondělí 20 listopad 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Parque Luis Muñoz, PWT
Very hot, and some of the control flags were hard to spot. It was a bit unfair that some runners have the touch-free ("sprint") S...
San Juan (18.11.2023)
Sobota 18 listopad 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Old Town & Fort, PWT
Training run after the 26 hour trip to get here. I crashed into a branch or signpost just after control #5 but I had already mess...
OSI/Geoform Rankingløp (11.11.2023)
1.5 min lost on a technical issue towards #2, then another 1.5 minute on a control mistake because I disagreed with the contour dr...
Veritas Natt (08.11.2023)
Středa 8 listopad 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Fine forhold på Konglungen, skogen var helt snøfri og for det meste ikke spesielt sølete heller, men det ble jo glatt i bratte ...
OSI/Geoform (04.11.2023)
OK orienteering to the first 4 controls, but then I failed to spot the flag even though I passed very close to #4. Lost a minute+ ...
Skumringskampen (30.10.2023)
Pondělí 30 říjen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Dæhliskogen, Tyrving
About 5cm fresh snow on the ground and heavy snowfall during the entire race, enough to hide all paths that hadn't been trodden re...
Skumringskampen (23.10.2023)
Pondělí 23 říjen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Vestlia, Asker
Extremely difficult Night-O race in dense fog, I orienteered very well almost everywhere except for one huge mistake when I stoppe...
Veritas Natt (18.10.2023)
Pretty good race, but I do know the area from lots of previous events! Running at night keeps it interesting.
Skumringskampen (16.10.2023)
Better than last week! I lost my concentration halfway on the long leg to #4 and decided suddenly that the cliffs I spotted was th...
Skumringskampen (09.10.2023)
Pondělí 9 říjen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Vesledammen, Røyken
2 min to #1, 2-3 min lost on the long leg to #7.
Harry Lagert Bonus-stafett (04.10.2023)
Horrible running shape leaving me alone in the forest halfway to #1 (I had to walk quite a bit), but I orienteered OK everywhere e...
Fränkels Kanna - Orientering (30.09.2023)
For the first time ever (in 20+ years) I did not win the orienteerin part of this military reserve officer match between teams fro...
Harry Lagert 3 (27.09.2023)
Started late and ran alone in the forest for most of the race. I stopped too soon on both #1 (3-4 min time loss) and #6 (5-6 min),...
Hemingløpet (24.09.2023)
Neděle 24 září 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Tryvannstårnet, Heming
5-10 sec hesitation into #1, lost 20 sec to #6 because I confused a fenced-in development on the right side of the path with the e...
Harry Lagert 2, Lokal (20.09.2023)
Have been unwell for a couple of days so I ran very controlled tonight, did not want to get really ill. My orienteering was pretty...
Harry Lagert 1 - Lokal (13.09.2023)
Always fun with a Night-O race, but this one was pretty bad, particularly #2 where I spent almost 5 min. I also lost some time on ...
Veteranmesterskapet Mellom (03.09.2023)
Norwegian Veteran's championship - Middle distance Even though my running form has been rubbish all this season, I'm still very h...
NROF Mesterskap Feltidrett (02.09.2023)
Sobota 2 září 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Eineåsen, Lommedalen, Håvard Lillegård
20-30 s lost when I failed to see the path junction towards #1 and hit the road, then OK until after #6 where I hit the next path ...
Geoform (30.08.2023)
Středa 30 srpen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Skullerud, Are Eriksen
Started very tired from lots of activities over the last 24 hours, but I should still have been able to at least orienteer well. ...
Bike+Hike to Kjentmannspost 27 Barlindhøgda (29.08.2023)
About an hour MTB ride from Hammeren to the starting point, then a slow transition to start the hike. It took us 1:12 to get up to...
KM Stafett H150 (27.08.2023)
Neděle 27 srpen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Sollihøgda/Høymyr, Tyrving
(Video in the result link!) I lost 70-90 seconds to #1 when I didn't dare to cross the final 40m stretch of water from the cliffy ...
KM H65 Jessheim (26.08.2023)
Stupid shortcut to #1, plus half a minute lost after the farm when I though I was going to cross the wheat field. OK to #2
Oppsal Thursday Race (24.08.2023)
I won the course not by being fast (I won just two of the 11 splits), but by not making a single mistake: This was very close to p...
Geoform (23.08.2023)
Středa 23 srpen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Sognsvann Vest
OK running shape but a few route mistakes, particularly on the long leg to #3. I also made a few control misses on the later contr...
Lillomarka 4km A (21.08.2023)
Bad 4th control: No vegetation boundary in the forest, and the flag was too close to the open yellow so I passed about 5m below it...
Night Hawk Masters Men (19.08.2023)
Fun to run a night relay again, I made too many mistakes to be really happy though, on the final loop I was getting mentally tired...
Maridalsalpene (16.08.2023)
Switching to the long course for this extremely scenic race on the top of the Maridalen Alps really showed my how much slower I am...
Kjøkøy middle distance (10.08.2023)
Several mispunches when I tried to run this old course at race speed, but without any markers in the forest. I found the wrong ree...
Stolpejakten Hankø med Tone (30.07.2023)
A very nice hike around the island which used to be the summer recidence of the Norwegian King (Bloksberg was sold after King Olav...
MTBO Stolpejakten Fredrikstadmarka (29.07.2023)
Nice ride, had to push/carry my bike in a few spots but mostly very rideable!
Svabergsprinten (25.07.2023)
Ran my own course for the first time, did not manage an error-free run even though I have placed all the controls.
Skjærgårdscup 1 (19.07.2023)
Středa 19 červenec 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Sildevika, Egil W Iversen
Results: The first of the three traditional days of BBQ parties with non-compulsory O race ...
Kråkerøy Nord sløyfe 3 (14.07.2023)
Last of the three training loops on this map: I made a bad start and lost a minute to #1, but the rest was closer to normal/OK.
Kråkerøy Nord Sløyfe 2 (10.07.2023)
Second loop, two 30-sec mistakes. On the last control I simply failed to see the flag when I checked the cliff!
Kråkerøy Nord Sløyfe 1 (08.07.2023)
Summer training from Kråkerøy School
FSk Sommertrening (02.07.2023)
Neděle 2 červenec 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Kråkerøy Syd/Lunde
One week after I crashed my right shin into a boulder on the last race of O-Festivalen, the wound is still open but I'm keeping it...
O-Festivalen Lang H65 (25.06.2023)
Full video of the race: I am getting a bit tired, lost time twice on the long leg to #3, then I st...
O-Festivalen Mellom H65 (24.06.2023)
Best race this season: Near-perfect routes and execution, with running speed just 15-20 sec/km slower than the winner, Nils Hæsta...
O-Festivalen Sprint H65 (23.06.2023)
Today my running shape was finally back to what I consider almost normal, but at that speed I completely messed up the orienteerin...
Geoform (21.06.2023)
Slow running but another race with near-perfect orienteering.
Geoform 6 (14.06.2023)
Very close to perfect! (I have to admit that the course was relatively simple, with few difficult controls.)
Koll 1-2-3 (13.06.2023)
Úterý 13 červen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Sognsvann Øst
Running too slowly, but almost perfect orientering with the exception of some extra hesitation while checking the map and one spot...
Vest-Telemark 2 dagers (11.06.2023)
Finally another good race! I lost about 20 seconds to the first control when I aimed off a tiny bit in order to locate the path s...
Vest-Telemark 2-dagers (10.06.2023)
This race was never pretty, I started by not spotting the first control and dropped 15-20 sec, then I ran well down to #2 and grab...
Morgenfrisk i Follo (07.06.2023)
Full video tracking: here A few good legs, but also some really bad mistakes, particularly to #11 where I thought I was oriente...
Tour of Lillomarka #7 (05.06.2023)
Some bad routes while trying to avoid climb, plus control mistakes on #5, 8, 11 and towards the final control. Full video...
Geoform 4 Mellom (31.05.2023)
Středa 31 květen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
video My left ankle has mostly stopped hurting so I ran this local event. I had to walk up the steepest parts and then I added a ...
Kjentmannsposter 4 og 7 (30.05.2023)
We started with an 8 km bike ride, almost all uphill (40 min) to where the road ended, then a very steep hike to the old bear den ...
Stolpejakt on road bike in Fredrikstad (27.05.2023)
Full video My MTB had a flat tire, so I decided to use my road bike instead, this meant that I had to take some more roundabout...
Kjentmannspost 44 og 46 (23.05.2023)
Group hike to two fixed controls: 3.5 hours, 12 km, about 800m climb. 1.5 hours to #44, half an hour break there, then one hour a...
Stolpejakt med Cassian og Tone (20.05.2023)
Vi dro på tur med barnebarnet, kjørte til Åsebu og gikk derfra ned til strandkanten og plukket med oss postene frem til Brattes...
Koll 1-2-3 (16.05.2023)
Lost my head completely on #12 when I followed unmapped MTB tracks and totally forgot to check my compass each time I found a new ...
Gromløpet H65 (14.05.2023)
Neděle 14 květen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Krigsskolen - Linderud
My running form is getting better and I managed to orienteer well for almost the entire race, with no serious mistakes: I hesit...
15-Stafetten etappe 2C (13.05.2023)
We had to hand in our race maps so I have drawn my course on an 8 year old copy of the map, paths and vegetation were the most obv...
Geoformers (10.05.2023)
Nearly perfect, still too slow.
Oslo City Cup Finale (09.05.2023)
Nobody close either in front of or behind me, so this chase start was just like a regular individual event. I made two signific...
Geoformers (03.05.2023)
I was told by the organizer that there was snow on the top part of the courses, so I decided to take the shortest option which sti...
Oslo City Cup 4 (02.05.2023)
Mostly pure running! I lost about 10 sec on #7 when I hesitated above the retaining wall while trying to read/understand the map ...
Smaaleneneløpet (30.04.2023)
Neděle 30 duben 2023
Kategorie: Competition
KNA Varna - Torebråte, Indre Østfold
My best race (so far) this year. :-) I ran as fast as I could and made almost no mistakes: #1 was way down the hillside, but I t...
Lørdagskjappen (29.04.2023)
Sobota 29 duben 2023
Kategorie: Competition
KNA Varna, Moss
Pretty good orienteering, bad running speed. Very good to #1, then I ran too far to the right to #2 while trying to stay dry (I...
Oslo City Cup #3 (25.04.2023)
DSQ on control 2? It could be punched from both sides of the fence!
Oslo City Cup #2 (18.04.2023)
I took too long to find the start triangle on the map, by the time I saw it and realized that I should have gone left to #1 I was ...
Solrenningen Lang H65 (16.04.2023)
Finally a race with no stupid mistakes! Now I just need to run enough in the forest to regain some of my old runniing speed, today...
Solrenningen Mellom H65 (15.04.2023)
The vegetation had completely changed around #1, I slid past the top of the reentrant without seeing any indication of it, lost ab...
Solrenningen Sprint (14.04.2023)
One 30 sec mistake on #5 where I read the description to be on the outside corner while in reality it was inside. The orienteering...
Oslo City Cup 1 (11.04.2023)
Due to the rain forecast I tried to run with a single contact lens instead of glasses, but with the wrong strength: This meant tha...
Blåveissprinten (25.03.2023)
Sobota 25 březen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Tomb/Råde, Fredrikstad
Decided to run even though my body was wasted from last night and a prevous stomach bug. I am actually very satisfied with my orie...
Nattsvermeren (24.03.2023)
Pátek 24 březen 2023
Kategorie: Competition
Tomb, Fredrikstad
I am mostly happy with my orienteering here, with one very glaring exception, a 15-min miss on #4: Mass start Night-O event, I ...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #8 (07.03.2023)
Still no running speed but the only way to get better is to train! This was my first Night-O with headcam, I did mostly OK by a...
NM Sprint Arendal 2011 D21 Rerun (04.03.2023)
Youtube video The terrain had changed a bit over the previous 11.5 years, the first surprise was w...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #7 (28.02.2023)
I was extremely rusty tonight, this was my first run of any kind in almost two months, since I broke a rib in the beginning of Jan...
Synfaring ved 8-kanten med Tone (12.02.2023)
We found a few new path segments by the cabins in the south end, and then a new path going back SSW along the valley. This one is ...