Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Koll 123 - Medium without paths (11.06.2024)
Tirsdag 11 Juni 2024
Kategori: Competition
Pretty good orienteering! I think #3 was located a tiny bit too far south/high in the reentrant. #4 was definitely too high up, bu...
NROF-mesterskap Feltidrett (01.06.2024)
Lørdag 1 Juni 2024
Kategori: Competition
Extreme compass exercise: The solid yellow depressions, as around #2 were very distinct, but the rest of the vegetation drawing wa...
Koll 1-2-3 (28.05.2024)
Tirsdag 28 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Sognsvann Øst
Another local race on modified (no paths) map. I made one really serious mistake on #8 where I never spotted the special detail ne...
Kjentmannstur KP 45 og 47 (23.05.2024)
Torsdag 23 Mai 2024
Kategori: Training
Fin tur i fantastisk vær og spennende terreng rundt Tonekollen!
Koll 123 (21.05.2024)
Tirsdag 21 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Sognsvann Vest uten stier
Ran on a modified map, with all paths removed. This meant that I had to rely on compass plus contours and some water details for m...
OSI-Geoform (15.05.2024)
Onsdag 15 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Tough terrain, but my only real mistake (75 sec) was a bit over halfway to #1 when I hit a path/track junction and was so mentally...
Koll 123 (14.05.2024)
Tirsdag 14 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Ran directly after a heavy dinner, so everything moved in slow motion. Got confused by al the new paths towards #2, plus the loggi...
FSK Klubbmesterskap (09.05.2024)
Torsdag 9 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Won all split times on this race, but Tom A Karlsen who won H70 using the same course was less than 3 min behind, two of them on t...
Kjentmannsposter 29 & 30 (06.05.2024)
Mandag 6 Mai 2024
Kategori: Training
Nordmarka fra Hammeren
6.6 km sykkel (250m høyde) frem til den 400m lange stien til KP 30, Bjørnsjøhelvete og den berømte broen. Vi tok matpausen her...
Tiomila (04.05.2024)
Lørdag 4 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Etappe 6th
9+ min lost on #2, 2.5 min on #13
Kvistkvaset stafett (01.05.2024)
Onsdag 1 Mai 2024
Kategori: Competition
Final test before TIomila, the race went at least as well as I hoped, but quite disappointed that I ended up running effectively t...
Burgundernatta (25.04.2024)
Torsdag 25 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Test night race before Tiomila: Good orienteering but I got mentally tired after about an hour. When the second to last control wa...
Oslo City Cup #4 (23.04.2024)
Tirsdag 23 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Kampen, Nydalens SK
I got DSQ'ed on control 15 even though I am certainly stamping on that control! My headcam video show that I am moving my left han...
Smaaleneneløpet H65 (21.04.2024)
Søndag 21 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Too slow running speed, but much better orienteering than yesterday: Close to perfect? According to Livelox/WinSplits I lost up t...
Lørdagskjappen (20.04.2024)
Lørdag 20 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Good until just before #6 where I had to stop about 45 sec for a stomach issue, then even thoughI hit the control nicely, I had at...
Oslo City Cup #3 (16.04.2024)
Tirsdag 16 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Skullerud, Oppsal
This was my best OCC sprint race in a few years: All my routes were optimal, and I never stopped at a control since I had always h...
Halden Long H65 (14.04.2024)
Søndag 14 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Second day was too tough for me, I was still tired from yesterday, and got to pay for that immediately when I took so long to get ...
Halden O-Meeting Middle (13.04.2024)
Lørdag 13 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Very good orienteering,I ended up in 3rd place, 2:50 behind Sören Jonsson who ran much faster, particularly on the long leg to #1...
Oslo City Cup 2 H60 (09.04.2024)
Tirsdag 9 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Ljanskollen-Holmlia, Bækkelaget
OK forest part (2nd place on control 7), but then I lost 7 places on the remaining street running, ending up in 9th place. I made ...
Vestfold 2-dagers - Sandefjord (07.04.2024)
Søndag 7 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
My back still hurts quite a bit, so I can't really run properly, but I still managed my best race of the season, ending with secon...
Båveissprinten (06.04.2024)
Lørdag 6 April 2024
Kategori: Competition
Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad SK
I had a partially slipped disk just before Easter, but an immediate chiropractor visit plus a back specialist doctor who gave me 6...
Oslo City Cup 1 (02.04.2024)
Tirsdag 2 April 2024
Kategori: Training
All my running over the last several months have been in the form of very steep (10-15%) uphill intervals in order to hopefully re...
FSK Intervals (09.03.2024)
Lørdag 9 Mars 2024
Kategori: Training
Very nice conditions for my first O run in snow-free terrain this year. I did the first two intervals with OK orienteering: Checke...
Tur-O Ski Rauland (lower half controls) (22.02.2024)
Torsdag 22 Februar 2024
Kategori: Training
Rauland, Dyre Vaa / Porsgrunn OL
Ski-O trip to pick up the 5 last controls on this map.
Tyrving Gate-O (04.02.2024)
Søndag 4 Februar 2024
Kategori: Competition
Ramstad Skole
I ran this course three days after the event, so no markers but that didn't make any significant difference. I had some stomach pa...
Gate-O Østerås (11.01.2024)
Torsdag 11 Januar 2024
Kategori: Competition
I ran this event before sunset because we were having our daughter and grandson over for dinner, I don't think daylight vs headlam...