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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Morgenfrisk i Follo (08.08.2022)
The fall series races haven't started yet, so I ran this open event in the same area as the horrible Kvistkvaset relay in the spri...
HL-trening (03.08.2022)
Středa 3 srpen 2022
Kategorie: Training
Kråkerøy Kirke, FSK/ Gaute Steiwer
Extremely tough training for my weak legs: This terrain has very high blueberry/heather cover over a broken/rocky base layer. Sinc...
Skjærgårdscup 3 (23.07.2022)
Sobota 23 červenec 2022
Kategorie: Competition
Bussevika, Tore Sagvolden/Egil W. Iversen
Øyvind Thon is a "bad man". On this the third and final race of the series, he had gotten back in shape and ran away from everyon...
Skjærgårdscup 2 (22.07.2022)
Pátek 22 červenec 2022
Kategorie: Competition
Røsholmen, Svein S Jacobsen
Stolpejakten Gamlebyen (18.07.2022)
My son Fredrik & I used the fixed controls on this map for a training run, starting with #33 & #34, then we checked out the electr...
O-intervaller Torp (13.07.2022)
Second Fredrikstad Summer Training course, ran together with my son, using a single map. I considered going straight to #1 but ...
FSK Summer Training Gillingsrød (04.07.2022)
This map & terrain was the test area for WOC 2019 Long, the orienteering is _really_ nice! Direction to #1, I saw the bare rock...
WOC Tour 6 H65 (30.06.2022)
My best sprint race result of the tour resulted in a 2nd place after the dominant winner of all three sprint events, Paul Alle. ...
WOC Tour 5 H65 (29.06.2022)
Středa 29 červen 2022
Kategorie: Competition
Fredrikshåb Øst
Back in Fredrikshåb, on the same arena as day 1 but this time the courses were further east and the course planning was better ad...
WOC Tour 4 H65 (28.06.2022)
Much better than yesterday: Some hesitation to #1 when I had turned the map 90 degrees wrong but recovered before I ran the wrong ...
WOC Tour 3 H65 (27.06.2022)
A controlled race from start to finish, I never tried to push hard due to some stomach pain, but the splits show that I had no ser...
WOC Tour 2 H65 (26.06.2022)
Second race of the WOC Tour, this "Middle Distance" was longer than the "Shortened Long" yesterday, and in much heavier terrain! ...
WOC Tour 1 H65 (25.06.2022)
Sobota 25 červen 2022
Kategorie: Competition
Fredrikshåb Vest First real race since ea...
OCC Nydalen (21.06.2022)
I was injured when this race took place so I did it now instead as training for the upcoming WOC Tour races in Denmark. OK to #1, ...
Værstesprint (18.06.2022)
Sobota 18 červen 2022
Kategorie: Training
Fredrikstad Stadion
FSK ran this training event two days ago, I got a copy of the map file and ran it without control markers, as training before the ...
Tanum sprint (07.06.2022)
Úterý 7 červen 2022
Kategorie: Competition
The final loop, some of the controls started to become a bit familiar...
Tanum Linje (07.06.2022)
The map is 6 years old and the vegetation is a lot denser now. Some of the green has increased significantly and closed off passag...
Tanum sprint loop 2 (07.06.2022)
Second sprint loop
Sprint loop 1 (07.06.2022)
Ran a a total of 4 loops I found via WorldOfO, from a Swedish national team gathering.
FSK Kjøkøy training (04.06.2022)
FSK training from Thursday which I used two days later, without any control markers remaining. This caused me a few problems, but ...
Fredrikstad Klubbmesterskap (26.05.2022)
I jogged through the H60 course on this race, still extremely careful that I never stumbled or mis-stepped on my left ankle. My sh...
KM Sprint (24.05.2022)
Still not recovered from the ankle injury, but today's event in the Veritas park was just too tempting so I did a test run (i.e. j...
Kjentmannspost 27 (19.05.2022)
Čtvrtek 19 květen 2022
Kategorie: Training
11 friends met up for this bike/hike to fixed control #27. We rode our MTBs about 11.5 km, almost all uphill, to Sandstrømmen whe...
Kjentmannspost 46 (02.05.2022)
Pondělí 2 květen 2022
Kategorie: Training
18 people turned up for this hike to KP46, "Ørneredet" (The Eagles' Nest) in very nice spring weather. 8.5 km, 260 m climb, 3 ho...
Lørdagskjappen (23.04.2022)
Sobota 23 duben 2022
Kategorie: Competition
Mossemarka-Skihytta, Moss OK
My ankle is still bad, since it hasn't recovered in 2 months I have an MRI scheduled for the coming week, hope the doctors can fig...
Kjentmannspost 44 (20.04.2022)
Středa 20 duben 2022
Kategorie: Training
No more cohort size limit, so today we had 24 people gathered in gorgeous weather for a very nice hike around in this area. We had...
Oslo City Cup (19.04.2022)
A tough test of my injured ankle, I did manage to run most of the race but not without significant pain. I am currently waiting fo...
Blåveissprinten (02.04.2022)
Sobota 2 duben 2022
Kategorie: Competition
Rekustad, Fredrikstad SK First competition since I smashed my ankle while climbing 5 w...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #8 (16.03.2022)
Tried to run this race one day after the mass start, it turned out that the ankle I smashed 3 weeks ago wasn't even close to capab...
AOOK training (09.02.2022)
Second round which I cut short, concentrating on picking up a couple of new controls and routes.
AOOK training (09.02.2022)
Středa 9 únor 2022
Kategorie: Training
Pretty nice conditions, near snow-free on the east side, 0-10 cm of crusty snow cover on the west. This was the first loop of a fo...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #5 (01.02.2022)
Heavy snow resulted in lots of accidents and delays in the Oslo area, I arrived at the arena parking barely 1 min before the mass ...
Drengsrud natt 2 (30.01.2022)
Second week of the night-O series from Drengsrud, I ran the long way around to the first control, lost contact with the path syste...
Fredagsnatt (22.01.2022)
Nice training course, fairly deep snow in some areas. Mostly good routes, no real control mistakes.
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #4 (18.01.2022) 4 min lost to #5, 30-45 seconds leavi...
Morgenfrisk (16.01.2022)
Very nice comeback from my disastrous night-O run on Wednesday: This was daytime, sunny, about 5C and variable snow cover but most...
Østfold Vintercup løp 3 (12.01.2022)
A fun run but a pretty bad start to my first season as a H65 competitor: First I had missed the PM announcement about mass start ...