Båveissprinten (06/04/2024)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kråkerøy
Organiser: Fredrikstad SK
Distance: 4.48 km
Time: 40:08
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 182
I had a partially slipped disk just before Easter, but an immediate chiropractor visit plus a back specialist doctor who gave me 6 cortison injections, two on each side of three lower back disks, saved me so I could do classic skiing every day during Easter break. The pain is still not gone, so today I had to run/jog very caerfully, trying to avoid any harder impacts.
I got a tiny bit to far right towards #2, overshooting the control. Dropped maybe 20-30 sec here?
3 & 4 were OK, but I decided to not follow the path around to #5, just to avoid any downhill running on the rocky main paths. I did no manage to hold a proper course and ended up on the wrong side, so I started to follow that path in the wrong direction until I checked my compass. This was probably a minute++ time loss.
For the rest I only last a few seconds when I changed my mind from 10-11, if I had gone directly to the path that would have been 5-10 sec faster.
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Båveissprinten (06/04/2024) Båveissprinten (06/04/2024)