Geoform (07/09/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sandbakken
Distance: 4.45 km
Time: 40:13
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 164
Nice orienteering in a very nice terrain 5-10 km north of where we had the national Masters champs last weekend.

I saw that it was possibly faster to take the track most of the way to #1 but I wanted the orienteering challenge so I ran straight and won this split.

I hesitated west of #2, lost 15-20 seconds.

Perfect execution to #3 but it might have been faster to run a flatter route to the left?

OK to #4-5-6.

I ran out on the wrong part of the hill to #7, had to stop for several seconds to relocate. Lost 30-45 seconds.

The rest of the race was more or less perfect. I ended up in 2nd place but I was 4:33 behind my club mate Jan Tore Henriksen who is a both younger and much faster than me.
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Geoform (07/09/2022) Geoform (07/09/2022)