Militært NM Orientering (15/10/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kolsås
Distance: 3.86 km
Time: 35:37
Average HR: 145
Maximum HR: 164
I'm on a recurring theme this year: Bad running shape and rusty orienteering. Here I had to walk up the first steep hill, then I hit #1, 2 & 3 OK before dropping at least a minute on #4.

I tried to make up for this by running as fast as possible to #5, but I could not determine hwere the various paths went so I ended up with the middle route which had the big advantage of a very good attack point in the saddle just 60-70m SE of the control: The problem was that the hillside has a lot of marginal cliff faces, even though I had a compass direction I managed to bypass the control when the mapped cliff has a slightly less tall continuation to the north, but I should have stopped there anyway based on distance and descent from the saddle. Lost 1.5 min here.

Mostly running to #6 even though parts of the path system has been covered by windfall or extended by new tracks.

Down the hill to #7 I hesitated a bit because it was really hard to determine if I was on the mapped paths or not.

Slow running downhill on the rocky path to #8, then the sprint to the finish.

I ended up 47 s behind Torgeir Strandhagen in my 60+ class, we were #3 & 4 in the total classification, but the best female runner was actually faster than all the men!
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Militært NM Orientering (15/10/2020) Militært NM Orientering (15/10/2020)