Lachmansssprint (27/02/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lachmanssfjell
Organiser: Anders Nordberg / NSK
Distance: 3.49 km
Time: 40:41
Average HR: 128
Maximum HR: 164
Fantastic conditions in the forest today! No snow, barely any ice, except all the marshes were frozen so that I could pass them without getting wet. Anders had set a course to train effective entry/exit from each control, and since this was my first run in a month I thought that a 2.4km downhill control picking exercise was perfect to start with.

I hesitated into #5 because I failed to spot the mini flag Anders had used, otherwise my orientering was pretty good.
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Lachmansssprint (27/02/2020) Lachmansssprint (27/02/2020)