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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Veritas Night (2017-12-13)
Szerda 13 December 2017
Típus: Competition
The last Veritas night race this year, about 5-10 cm snow cover with extremely hard and slippery ice underneath on some of the lar...
Veritas Night (2017-12-06)
Szerda 6 December 2017
Típus: Competition
A good race even though I got a bit tired towards the end, on control #9 I was in shared third place but ended up in sixth: Ver...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #2 (2017-12-05)
Started well before the first official start so I got to break trail in the virgin snow. :-) The map around the first control w...
Veritas Night (2017-11-29)
Szerda 29 November 2017
Típus: Competition
Lost 1.5 minutes to the first control, so a pretty horrible start. Another 1.5 min between 8 & 9, the rest was OK, but my running...
Veritas Night (2017-11-22)
Szerda 22 November 2017
Típus: Competition
Tough race in 15-20 cm fresh heavy snow, and more snow/icy rain during the race itself. The orienteering mostly consisted of fi...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #1 (2017-11-21)
2+ min stupid mistake on #6, 6-8 minutes on #8! I ran OK to the first 5 controls except for a 20-30 s wobble on #3: These kinds...
Veritas Night (2017-11-15)
Szerda 15 November 2017
Típus: Competition
A very long night forest sprint in about 5 cm of day-old snow! I made one serious error on #6 otherwise mostly OK: Easy star...
Geoform Huk rerun (2017-11-12)
Vasárnap 12 November 2017
Típus: Competition
I could not start in this race yesterday so I printed out the course and ran it the next day instead. With no controls/flags in th...
Veritas Night (2017-11-08)
Szerda 8 November 2017
Típus: Competition
Another Wednesday night race, this was a combination of classic urban sprint and forest with patches of really dense vegetation. ...
Frostsprinten (
Vasárnap 5 November 2017
Típus: Competition
Brenninga, Røyken O-lag
Yes! This was a nice contrast to yesterday's disastrous run, I managed a pretty close to perfect race today, but both Trond Rønne...
Geoform (2017-11-04)
Szombat 4 November 2017
Típus: Competition
Ikke bra på noen måte: Dårlig løpsform gav alt for langsom ferd gjennom skogen og det førte igjen til at jeg tok feil av avst...
Veritas Natt (2017-11-01)
Szerda 1 November 2017
Típus: Competition
Mostly OK, except for one big mistake on #8 where I passed a path without seeing it, and then a stomach issue halfway to the last ...
Geoform Øvresetertjern (fra 2017-10-28) (2017-10-29)
Yesterday was spent driving back to Oslo from Trondheim and a nice visit to UKA-17 ("Ta det du!") so I could not take part in this...
Veritas Natt (2017-10-25)
Szerda 25 Október 2017
Típus: Competition
Tanum Skole
Lots of bad orienteering tonight but also some positive parts: (We ran on a hand-drawn course which had been color copied and then...
Blodslitet H60 (2017-10-21)
Szombat 21 Október 2017
Típus: Competition
Bad shape after a persistent sinus infection followed by a back strain that forced me to visit a chiropractor three times this wee...
Veritas Night Race (2017-10-18)
Szerda 18 Október 2017
Típus: Competition
Fun night race just after my second ever (the first was two days ago...) visit to a chiropractor to get my spine to work again: My...
Re-run of H60 Long course from VM in Rauland (2017-10-12)
"What a diff'rence a day (or three) makes!" After a couple of days of heavy snow, followed by enough rain to melt all of it las...
Re-run of H60 Middle course from VM in Rauland (2017-10-09)
I could not take part in the Norwegian Veteran Champs this year but since I'm having fall break this week I decided to try the cou...
Harry Lagerts Bonusløp (2017-10-04)
Szerda 4 Október 2017
Típus: Competition
Grinda, Korsvoll
Pretty good even though I had to walk up several of the short steep hills. I just followed the stream from the start and decided ...
Harry Lagerts Nattcup #2 (2017-09-20)
Szerda 20 Szeptember 2017
Típus: Competition
Good concentration to the first 3 controls but then on the path running to #4 I started to notice that I have been ill with a cold...
Heming Club Championship H60 (2017-09-19)
Heming very graciously allowed me to run the H60 course for their club championship, I did this before the mass start for the club...
Geoform Rankingløp (2017-09-06)
Szerda 6 Szeptember 2017
Típus: Competition
Langsetløkka, OSI
Horrible weather plus an experiment to see if I could run in rain using a pair of multifocal contact lenses: The answer was "No, a...
OBIK P25 / AB 5 (2017-09-05)
Kedd 5 Szeptember 2017
Típus: Competition
Dæliskogen, Tyrving
Mostly OK but the rain made both the slabs of bare rock (on the ridge-top paths) and the muddy hillsides extremely slippery so my ...
Euromeeting Public Race H50 (2017-09-02)
Szombat 2 Szeptember 2017
Típus: Competition
Fjell Skytebane, Moss
We ran the same course as the women pursuit race, but with the B forking, i.e. opposite to the order shown on this map. Since I w...
OBIK P24 / NK 6 (2017-08-31)
Csütörtök 31 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Competition
Setertjern, Lillomarka
One stupid mistake and a partly boring course: The first control was actually quite nice, with three main route choices, all of...
OBIK P23 / AB 4 (2017-08-29)
Kedd 29 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Competition
Dikemark, Asker
A mostly positive experience: I was very tired all day due the county championships in the weekend and then the climbing before th...
Kjentmannspost 29 (2017-08-28)
Hétfő 28 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Training
14 people this time for a bike/hike to Kjentmannspost 29 on Gørjehøgda north of Liggeren farm. We started just after 17:00 from...
KM H150 2 etp (2017-08-27)
Vasárnap 27 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Competition
Good orienteering but too tired from yesterday! Jon Iver on the first leg made an unfortunate mistake on the second control and l...
KM H60 (2017-08-26)
Szombat 26 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Competition
This was a very good race indeed: Oslo/Akershus county championship and I ended up winning by nearly 9 (!) minutes. I had the best...
OBIK P22 / NK 4 (2017-08-24)
Csütörtök 24 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Competition
Vettakollen, Heming
I started early in order to try to beat the rain which was forecast by, but the rain arrived early and my choice of X-Talon ...
Picking up the controls (2017-08-22)
Kedd 22 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Training
Krokhol, Enebakk
The end of a long day: I had stated very clearly in the invitation and PM that everyone had to be back by 19:30, but at that point...
OBIK P20 (2017-08-17)
Csütörtök 17 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Competition
Fun race, won my class clearly but too many small mistakes to win the course: OK to #1, on #2 I jumped down an unmapped cliff at ...
Kjentmannspost 1 og 2 (2017-08-15)
21 people this time even though the weather forecast told about heavy rains in the evening/night! The map I made from public Li...
Skjærhalden area map surveying (2017-08-12)
There are still some additional hiking trails/paths to be found in the Hvaler archipelago, on this trip we found three significant...
Sommer Kompass Skogstrand (2017-08-11)
Rolig treningstur med kompass, en del bra og noen skrekkelige feil: Jeg holdt konsentrasjonen bra på de 12 første postene selv ...
Summer training (2017-08-06)
Vasárnap 6 Augusztus 2017
Típus: Training
Asmaløy, Hans Petter Mathisen
I'm extremely embarrassed by my running here! This is my own map which I've worked on during weekends and vacations for the last 5...
Night Hawk Veteran Men 2 (2017-08-04)
Extremely fast terrain but partly quite dense vegetation: All the night legs for Men and Veteran Men started at the same time, so ...
Sørlandsgaloppen 4 H60 (2017-07-09)
Vasárnap 9 Július 2017
Típus: Competition
Ringdalskogen, Hedrum O-Lag
This was a pretty good race with no control mistakes until the last, but a sub-optimal route choice to #10 allowed Arve Glittum to...
Sørlandsgaloppen 2 H60 (2017-07-07)
Péntek 7 Július 2017
Típus: Competition
Eikedalsmarka, Larvik OK
As the time splits show clearly this was a race that I should have won, but managed to squander due to a couple of bad mistakes on...
Sørlandsgaloppen 1 H60 (2017-07-06)
I was second best today: Arve Glittum won almost all the individual split times, I had a lot of second best splits. In the end he ...
Maridalsalpene - 37 controls (2017-07-04)
Kedd 4 Július 2017
Típus: Training
Maridalen / Oslo, Guttorm Egge
My longest training run in several years, 2 hours 55 minutes: This particular part of Nordmarka contains all the steepest hill ...
Gränsjakten dag 2 (2017-07-02)
Vasárnap 2 Július 2017
Típus: Competition
Strömstad, Idefjordens SK
This was a chasing start where I was starting 1:03 behind the leader and just 18 s behind my old friend Per Kr. Ekeberg. When Sten...
Gränsjakten1 H60 (2017-07-01)
Szombat 1 Július 2017
Típus: Competition
Strömstad, Idefjordens SK
Lost 3-5 sec on #1 due to not reading the descriptions properly, searched around the hedge. OK to #2, 3 & 4, lead the race on 3...
Sommerløp Songsvann (2017-06-28)
Szerda 28 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Sognsvann Vest, Veritas
When I finished this race I felt that I had just done a near-perfect run, but closer review shows several significant mistakes in ...
OBIK P17 (2017-06-22)
Csütörtök 22 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Staven-Ravndalen, Thales
My third race in three days. and this was a longer distance event. I'm not fit enough for this, even though map & terrain was rea...
Geoform (2017-06-21)
Szerda 21 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Very nice! I won this race very clearly, not by being the fastest from the start, but by avoiding all serious mistakes: Ok to ...
OBIK P16 (2017-06-20)
Another relativly good race: Pretty much perfect to #1, all the seniors had the same first control and I had the best split acr...
OBIK P15 (2017-06-15)
Csütörtök 15 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Ekerud, Østmarka
Good race, took tough route choices to 2 and 8 intentionally even though the easier alternatives were almost certainly faster. ...
Geoform (2017-06-14)
Szerda 14 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
I've just spent 3 long days in Stockholm, when I came home I changed into running gear immediately and drove to this event. The we...
Gromløpet (2017-06-11)
Vasárnap 11 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Grefsenkollen, Lillomarka
Mostly OK but very wet & slippery terrain caused me to take some suboptimal route choices in order to save climb. OK to 1 & 2, ...
OBIK P13 / NMK 3 (2017-06-08)
Csütörtök 8 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Another class win (by 10 min!) and another second place (3 min behind) on the course, this time I was beaten by my old friend Eivi...
Militært NM Orientering (2017-06-07)
Szerda 7 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Combined last third of NM Feltidrett and Norwegian Military Championship in Orienteering: A very good race, more or less perfec...
NM Feltidrett - Skyting og kartlesing (2017-06-07)
The first two parts of the Norwegian Military Championship in "Feltidrett", a triathlon competition consisting of shooting, map re...
OBIK P12 / AB 3 (2017-06-06)
Kedd 6 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Jegersborgdammen, Fossum
Horrible! I ran well to #1 & 2, lead the course by 37 seconds after just 2.5 minute running, but then it all fell apart: By the ma...
Pinseløpet dag 2 (2017-06-04)
Vasárnap 4 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Gamlegrendsåsen, Kongsberg
Started OK and led the race from #2 to #4, but Arve Glittum had higher speed than me from that point and when I missed #5 by close...
OBIK P11 / Nordmarkskarusell (2017-06-01)
Csütörtök 1 Június 2017
Típus: Competition
Låkeberget, Nydalens SK
Quite good, a much better race than yesterday: 1: Could have taken the road but the direct route was much more fun. 2: Consi...
Geoform (2017-05-31)
Szerda 31 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Solemskogen, Bjørn Grinde
I had two long runs yesterday to set out and pick up all the controls for the race I organized from Hønefoten in Maridalen, so I ...
Kjentmannspost 48 (2017-05-29)
Hétfő 29 Május 2017
Típus: Training
Bysetermosen - Durud
About 15 people turned up for a group hike to the fixed control KP48, placed on a recently (3 years ago) rediscovered border marke...
Kvistkvaset H130 (2017-05-25)
Csütörtök 25 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Eldor, Ås
Váltó pálya 3|Eredmény
Fastest time on the anchor leg allowed me to pass 3 of the 5 teams in front of us when I started, but I made one serious mistake: ...
OBIK P9 / AB 2 (2017-05-23)
Kedd 23 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Skriverberget, Haslum
Very good start to the first 3 controls and OK route to #4, but then I misread the control description and thought I was looking f...
KM Sprint H60 Hordaland (2017-05-21)
Made a bad mistake into #2, didn't manage to match the map to the terrain, and when I recovered I had to run around the fenced-in ...
OBIK P6 (2017-05-11)
Csütörtök 11 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Gjelleråsen, Østmarka OK
The largest May snowfall in Oslo (30 cm at Tryvann!) in meteorological history caused a lot of traffic problems this morning and l...
OBIK P5 / AB 1 (2017-05-09)
Kedd 9 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Eineåsen, Bærum SK
I had only one goal for this event and that was to avoid any mistakes, something i failed spectacularly to do. :-( 1: OK 2: ...
Askerløpet (2017-05-07)
Vasárnap 7 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Horrible start: I wanted to go straight but decided that taking the safe route around on the paths would be nearly as fast and giv...
Fossumløpet (2017-05-06)
Szombat 6 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Tangenåsen / Sørkedalen, Fossum
Better running shape but too much lost time: I started just one minute behind Øyvind Sørlie who was one of the two competitor...
OBIK P4 (2017-05-04)
Csütörtök 4 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Sognsvann Øst, Norges Bank
OK race except for pushing too hard uphill towards #5: I stopped completely for over half a minute on the big path near the top an...
Oslo City Cup Finale (2017-05-02)
Kedd 2 Május 2017
Típus: Competition
Apalløkka Skole, Lillomarka
OK race. I started late, after the end of the chasing start due to too few qualifying races but I still had the best time in my cl...
Tiomila 3 etp Nydalens Old Boys team (2017-04-29)
Szombat 29 Április 2017
Típus: Competition
Váltó pálya 3
Mostly OK orienteering but too slow running speed due to the hilly terrain and very wet marshes: 1: I started out in a vacuum, wi...
OBIK P3 (2017-04-27)
Csütörtök 27 Április 2017
Típus: Competition
Bad race directly after flying home from Houston via Newark, this was expected so I'm not too worried about Tiomila this coming we...
Vurderingsløp Tiomila (2017-04-05)
Szerda 5 Április 2017
Típus: Competition
Skullerudåsen, NSK
Long and dark night race to try to qualify for the Old Boys Tiomila team, I started first which meant that I saw very few people: ...
Oslo City Cup #2 (2017-04-04)
Kedd 4 Április 2017
Típus: Competition
Ekeberg, Bækkelaget
Good start, won the first splits and lead the race for the first 3 controls. On the climb up the hill to #4 I lost 10-15 seconds ...
Oslo City Cup 1 - H60 (2017-03-28)
Kedd 28 Március 2017
Típus: Competition
Hovseter, Heming
Started OK, led the race from the third to the 9th control, but I made too many small mistakes to maintain that and Harald Hovi pa...
Blåveissprinten (2017-03-25)
Szombat 25 Március 2017
Típus: Competition
Kråkerøy, FSK
A good result for my very first race in H60: I won 9 of the 15 splits and the race by over 4 min. Today I felt very tired on my...
Nattsvermeren (2017-03-24)
Péntek 24 Március 2017
Típus: Competition
Kråkerøy, FSK
What happens when an untrained body tries to run fast? Stupid mistakes... This was a mass start of all classes running this cours...
NSK Night training (2017-03-22)
Szerda 22 Március 2017
Típus: Training
Streaming start to emulate a 2nd leg on Tiomila, this worked well for the first two controls (with forking on #1) but then the lon...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #9 (2017-03-14)
Nice preparation for a forked Tiomila night leg! I did one stupid route choice, to #2 where my route only saved a single contour ...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #6 (2017-02-07)
Kedd 7 Február 2017
Típus: Competition
Molbekktjern, Moss, Ås
Started first in -6C and 5-10 cm of fresh snow, so I took a very safe route to the first control and hit it perfectly without spot...
Ås by Night & Fog Cup #3 (2017-01-10)
Kedd 10 Január 2017
Típus: Competition
Oppegård, Ås
Same plan as for the last event in this series, i.e. tough route choices and solid orienteering: 1,2 & 3: Yes, I still know how...