NM Feltidrett (25/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skytterkollen
Distance: 6.22 km
Time: 52:34
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 167
I got a slight cold a couple of days ago so I've skipped one training and one (night-O) race, but this event I decided I could do by simply taking it a bit easy

NM Feltidrett is a military triathlon event with shooting, map reading and orienteering in that order, all timed.

I got a bronze medal in this event both last year and the year before, but when it was clear a few days before that I had to shoot with a totally unfamilar gun (I had never fired the type before), and with no time for a few sighting shots, the first part went pretty badly:

We started with a short running loop, then I made 10 shots (with just 5 hits, all down right) against a paper target, i.e. no feedback, ran another loop before the next 10 shots (same average location but much tighter grouping so just one hit), then I got to leave the gun and ear protectors behind and started the map reading part where we followed a marked line in the terrain (starting out past control 6 on the map).

Along this line we had 8 controls, I've marked them with purple control rings here. 5 of them were along the line while the 3 triangles show positions where we were shown a flag off to the side and had to plot it in from where we were standing.

I managed this part perfectly as shown by my gps track but on the first control the master map had the flag near the northern index contour reentrant, about 15 m NW of where it was really located and where I marked it, so I got a one-minute penalty here.

At the "Start" marker we got the map for the O part. Except for getting totally confused by some new logging as I was approaching #1 (lost about 1:15 here), this part also went very well, at least partly due to me (on purpose) taking it easy.

In the end all those penalty minutes from the shooting dropped me out of the podium but I did at least still win my age category! :-)
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NM Feltidrett (25/09/2014) NM Feltidrett (25/09/2014)