OBIK P26 (16/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lathusåsen
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 4.36 km
Time: 30:21
I'm starting to recover!

Today I had a good day, with a good 1:7500 map, nice dry conditions and not too much running in high grass or heather I managed to keep a reasonable speed: Still nearly a minute slower than I'd like to be but I'm getting there. :-)

1) I considered going left, taking the indistinct path up to the control but decided that the main ski track up to the creek crossing, then a compass course through the medium green would be faster. This worked well except for a little hesitation when the open area around the control turned out to have waist-high undergrowth, and as the first starter there was no tracks showing where the boulder was located.

2) Took left here to get the save route into the control, mostly pure path running.

3) The long leg! I had a somewhat similar leg on O-Festivalen 5+ years ago, this time I nailed the route.

4) Started by going uphill to avoid some vegetation, then a little hesitation inside the circle.

5) Indistinct paths nearly all the way, just make sure that I ran on the mapped ones.

6) A 180 degree turn and then paths all the way, the control was visible as soon as I started down the final hillside.

7) More narrow paths, I used the contours for orienteering and followed the paths that went in the right direction.

8) The worst leg of the evening when I turned off to the left inside the circle and checked another cliff first, losing about 15 sec.

9-Finish) Lots of running to get to the end of the course!

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OBIK P26 (16/09/2014) OBIK P26 (16/09/2014)