OBIK P24 (09/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grefsenkollen
Organiser: Norges Bank
Distance: 3.62 km
Time: 33:50
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 166
Horrible day!

Lots of distractions before I could get to the event, then I missed almost everything:

OK to #1, best split time by 23 sec!

Went up the wrong hill to #2, lost a minute.

Lost the path towards #3, the one I followed wasn't on the (5 year old) map. Lost another minute+.

Ran well to #4 but without checking the description so I stopped on top of the knoll instead of going to the cliff below it.

Ran as planned to #5, but it was a minute faster to follow the road to where I crossed the final valley.

OK to #6, just 6 sec behind Einar J (the winner)

#7 was located too far down the reentrant and behind some new, very dense vegetation, lost 2 min here.

OK to #8, but I still ended up 5 minutes behind! :-(
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OBIK P24 (09/09/2014) OBIK P24 (09/09/2014)