NM Pre-O publikumsløp (13/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Distance: 2.63 km
Time: 46:28
The Norwegian championship in Pre-O took place alongside the regular foot-O event today, they had an open class for anyone who wanted to try it, so I got a control card and ran off to the start.

During the event I picked up some of the rules but there's obviously a lot of details I don't know, particularly related to when you should pick the closest of the 2-5 alternative flags, and when the correct choice is none of them (Zero).

I made mistakes on #4 (picked B as the best flag, but the correct choice was Z), then did the opposite mistake on #9 picking Z when no flag was exactly in the saddle point, but here the correct choice was B since that one was exactly halfway between the hill and the knoll.

A similar mistake on #11: When flag C was a meter away from the highest point on the hill I picked Z, but here the rule seems to be that the flag should be in the center of the hill as drawn on the map and not at the absolutely highest point.

My final miss was on #17 where the best flag was A but the correct choice was supposed to be Z.

I.e. 4 mistakes in total, all being Zero/non-Zero problems, but no wrong flags so I must have learned some of what's needed from all my mapping work. :-)

I haven't located the result list yet, so I don't know how far down on the Elite championship class I would have been. OTOH, with an Elite start I would have spent more than 45 min checking the controls, the max time allowed was nearly two hours.
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NM Pre-O publikumsløp (13/09/2014) NM Pre-O publikumsløp (13/09/2014)