NM Mellom Publikumsløp (13/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Dikemark
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 3.64 km
Time: 27:51
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 173
Pretty good orienteering, but my running speed is still a minute/km slower than even junior girls. :-(

Perfect first control: When I passed the yellow open, then jumped down one small cliff, ran on to the second and arrived directly on top of the flag I was very happy.

The second control could be simplified a lot with the route choice I took, I had perfect control all the way to the center of the circle, arriving a few meters to the left so I could slide right along the hillside to the control, but no flag. :-(

I got back to the same spot 1:40 later and located the control just west of where I turned back the first time, my gps claims that the control is located maybe 15m away from the center of the circle, but in such dense vegetation it is of course possible that this was a gps error instead of a small mapping error.

Nr 3 was OK, I should have kept a little bit closer to the cliffs near the circle edge.

I had a near-optimal route to #4, but getting down those cliffs was scary, I found an intermediate shelf I could slide down to, jumping the final 1.5 m, then another meter plus to get all the way down. With my injured foot I had to make sure my good (right) leg took most of the impact.

After crossing the big path I read the contours and decided that I would not go down the hill until I had found the boulder by the final small path, but since my direction was good I spotted the boulder just in front of me and ended up sliding directly down to the control.

Nr 5 was pure transport, setting up the next control, but the course would have been just as good without this control.

I should probably have gone slightly right to #6, attacking from the open knoll and avoiding the medium green stuff but I found it without any trouble.

Nr 7 was a near mistake, I stopped just 10-15m rright of it and recovered, losing about 10 sec.

OK to nr 8 but I could have avoided some of the green patches.

OK to 9 & 10, to 11 I stayed a little bit to the left in order to avoid the marsh.

I hesitated a few seconds on 12 because I hadn't read the complete description, specifying that the control was located on the west side of the nose.
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NM Mellom Publikumsløp (13/09/2014) NM Mellom Publikumsløp (13/09/2014)