Varteigløpet (07/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Olaåsen
Organiser: Varteig
Distance: 4.71 km
Time: 36:02
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 177
Still horribly slow in the terrain, but I'm getting a bit faster on solid ground. :-)

1) Horrible start! We got to look at the map during the final minute so I had a compass course from the start triangle, kept to it in the beginning but then I veered off course and ended up losing about 1.5 min.

2) OK

3) Arild Kirkerød, the winner took a route to the right, following the ride, then he intentionally ran through the flat light green areas: These are old planted spruce, with almost zero undergrowth, so the actual running speed is much higher than the baseline (white forest) heather, this is a very common mapping mistake in Norway. I messed up my direct route choice near the end when I started to check the contour details on the final hill and decided that I had to be too far left, I recovered when I saw the small cliffs. In the end I lost 1.5 min here to Arild, of which one third was my wobble at the end, one third the route choice and the last part due to my too-slow running.

4 & 5) OK

6) I could have used the indistinct marsh instead of going over the last hill, but the route I took was OK

7 & 8) Control 7 seems to have failed after I passed it, the organizers have removed #38 from the splits list so the control numbering is off by one from here on.

9) This one looks OK on the map but I hesitated quite a bit at the end and I must have missed the best micro route choices because I dropped a full minute here!

10) This was almost pure road running and I managed to split time win here!

11) Got stuck in the green just before the control, otherwise OK

12) Another road running leg, and another split time win!

13) Final control.

In summary, I need to improve my off-trail running speed and avoid stupid mistakes like the first control, I'm still a minute/km slower than last year.
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Varteigløpet (07/09/2014) Varteigløpet (07/09/2014)