BSK by Night - Åpen Mellom (02/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Krokhol
Organiser: Bækkelaget
Distance: 5.14 km
Time: 57:12
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 171
Over 14 min/km and still a win? This proves that on a very difficult night-O course navigational mistakes will dominate over running ability! The terrain at Krokhol was extremely broken, even the passable cliffs shown on the map were effectively unpassable at night and the partly very dense spruce vegetation limits visibility.

1) Started by dropping over 1.5 minutes on the first control, passed just above it without realizing that I had climbed too far up.

2) Full restart modus, took a safe route choice but should have followed the marshes even further and gone around the big cliff instead of climbing over the hill. Lost about 45 sec.

3) Started by drifting a little bit too far left but recovered over the cliff and had good flow into the control.

4) This boulder might be mapped in the wrong spot, as I got close to the control circle I saw that another guy was running downhill and punching so I turned in the same direction. The track log shows where my GPS believes that the control was located, and this also corresponds to the surprisingly long distance up to the saddle point towards the next control.

5) The best leg so far, just a few seconds hesitation when I didn't see the boulder hidden behind a big spruce.

6) Similar to #2, including leaving the marsh too soon, but no control miss.

7) Good flow but I still lost nearly half a minute to the best split time.

8) The plan was of course to enter the green valley and follow that to the second open marsh but I never realized that I had passed the opening until I was near the end of the lake, at which point I planned to cut back through the index contour saddle, but since I was even further east than I thought I ended up climbing over and along the hillside, first checking the reentrant by the unpassable cliff. Lost nearly two minutes here!

9) I still don't like the mapping in this area, it seemed like the control was located a bit further south than shown on the map, but since al the little knolls here are surrounded by "almost-cliffs", it is hard to move around and easy to stop too soon.

10) OK

11) Found a nice route and thought I had full control when I found an unmapped line of cliffs just NE of the control location, dropped nearly 2 min to the best split time.

12) Bad direction leaving the control meant that I never knew exactly where I was until I found the two small ponds before the control, lost another minute.

13) Good! Tried to keep a good direction but I was still very happy when the flag turned up exactly where I hoped it would be. :-)

14) My only split time win, passed a number of runners who I had caught up to on the previous control.

Finish) I never managed to figure out the map here, it seems like there's a big track halfway down the hill which I thought was a line of cliffs. The route I took passed a number of broken boulder fields, my "run-in speed" of nearly 13 min/km must be a personal worst finish speed ever!

In total I lost 5-6 minutes to navigational mistakes but everyone else did significantly worse.
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BSK by Night - Åpen Mellom (02/09/2014) BSK by Night - Åpen Mellom (02/09/2014)