KM H55 Oslo/Akershus (30/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Smerta
Organiser: Kolbotn og Skimt
Distance: 7.14 km
Time: 54:11
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 174
Some good news and some bad:

For the first 10 min or so, before my left foot becomes too painful, I'm actually able to run as fast as the fastest guys in my class, today I led the race on both the 1st and 3rd control, but past this point the combination of no proper base training (no running at all since the beginning of February) and a foot that hurts slows me down a lot:

1) Very good start, won the short leg clearly.

2) I should have stayed along the contour here until the obvious reentrant, then taken the open line into the control. With my route I hesitated too much and checked an extra knoll, losing 40+ seconds to the best split.

3) Another good leg, second best split and overall lead.

4) Here I messed up by not reading all the info posters before starting, so I didn't realize that what looked like an intermediate contour line was a map correction for a new path! Taking this and running in the wrong direction for a while meant that I lost 1:18 on this split, of which close to a minute must have been due to that stupid mistake. Here I dropped down to my eventual 7th overall position.

5) Lost 20+ seconds on a small detour into the control, but Jens Olav was a full minute ahead here in the deep heather.

6) No route choice at all, just keep to an approximate compass course in order to hit between the two streams up from the marsh, find the path and follow it for a little bit, then cut over to the control hill. With no mistakes or hesitations I still lost 1:39 on this leg, i.e. here I'm getting tired!

7) OK route and execution, half a minute too slow.

8) Ditto, lost another 18 sec.

9) Bad execution in a couple of areas: First I dirfted off course and dropped down to the path too soon, then I didn't realize this and cut right believing I was close to the junction. With the amount of heather at the end I might have been better off cutting through the light green and following the stream that lead almost to the control. Lost over 2 min here.

10) OK except for some hesitation when I found an unmapped reentrant near the edge of the control circle.

A perfect race today would have been a couple of minutes faster, so even then I would still have been 5 min behind JOK, he did a very good race.
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KM H55 Oslo/Akershus (30/08/2014) KM H55 Oslo/Akershus (30/08/2014)