OBIK P20 KM (26/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Varingskollen
Organiser: Thales
Distance: 4.57 km
Time: 35:19
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 179
My best race this year:

Nice weather, relatively dry conditions, mostly downhill and a 1:7500 map all came together in order to enable a near-perfect run in my current condition. :-)

1) This looked like a difficult start but I decided to contour until the green valley, then check my position when crossing the open area: With the little cliff below me as I left it I knew that I was in the right spot and could just keep running along the hillside.

2) The only uphill leg today! Very deep heather was a challenge but since I could follow the path a few meters to get a rest I managed to run all the way. (Run quite slowly, but still run.)

3) Good direction running, helped by the open marsh and the obvious funnel leading directly to the control area.

4) Just follow the stream down to the marsh, then slide a little to the side and jump down on the left side of the cliff.

5) Used the same open area/cliff combination as to #1, pretty much perfect direction to a control that I would normally have taken from above but with the checkpoint halfway it was safe to go direct.

6) I had planned to drop down to the path but changed my mind after 20 meter, deciding to aim directly for the creek bend instead. This worked OK but I hesitated a few seconds around the boulders above the control.

7) Good.

8) The medium green before the control was so dense that I ran partly around it, then took the control from above.

9) Very easy.

10) This would normally be a straight on route choice but since I can run on paths but have to be very careful going downhill in the forest I took the safe option around.

11) Same here: Avoiding some windfall and branches by following the skiing paths around cost me about 15 sec.

12) Took the flattest route since I can't run fast either up or downhill.

This was my third course win in a row of the yearly corporate country championship. This means that I get to keep permanently the pewter bucket which has the names of previous winners engraved on it. :-)
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OBIK P20 KM (26/08/2014) OBIK P20 KM (26/08/2014)