KM Lang Østfold (24/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Iddefjordfjella
Organiser: Halden
Distance: 5.49 km
Time: 43:19
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 174
Slowly getting better, but the wet weather today made for slippery conditions which my foot really didn't like. :-(

1) Good route choice and execution into the control circle but then I had some problems determining exactly where the control should be, lost 20 sec.

2) Similar to #1, here I ended up on the wrong little knoll and lost another 20 sec.

3) I had to stay high here because the running surface was better, but I had pretty good control downhill and across the bare rock. However, I yet again lost about 20 sec while locating the flag

4) First good control, best route and good execution, except for no running speed uphill in the wet heather.

5) I planned to go straight here, passing over #1, but when I noticed the paths going almost all the way I changed my mind, fortunately!

6) Easy.

7) Simplified this one, following paths instead of going straight.

8) Same here: The indistinct paths past 7 & 8 were marked for the beginner classes, so they were easy to follow even if the marking wasn't exactly as shown on the map.

9) Hesitated maybe 10 sec here, the control flag was lying on the ground.

10) Ditto, another flag on the ground.

I had started in H17AK instead of H50 in order to get a shorter course, it was long enough to be quite painful for the last couple of km. The splits show that my competitors all made several significant mistakes so I ended up winning even if I was 3.5 min slower than Tom A Karlsen who ran the same course in H60!
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KM Lang Østfold (24/08/2014) KM Lang Østfold (24/08/2014)