OBIK P18 Skytterkollen (19/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 4.93 km
Time: 41:47
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 172
Slow but steady improvement!

I ran as much on paths as possible since I'm still completely rubbish in the terrain, but with that caveat I'm quite happy:

1) Would normally go straight here, it is mostly white forest, but I took the safe option around.

2) Ditto, except that here is would have been quite hard to follow the optimal route slightly to the right of the line. I lost 30-40 seconds before the control when I couldn't spot the lower end of the reentrant.

3) This control was more or less destroyed by very recent logging operations. :-(

4) Hesitated a bit before the control circle but avoided any major time losses.

5) Another "around is better" route, had some problems seeing the flag.

6) I should have gone slightly right here, this would have given a better route up the hill into the control.

7 & 8 were OK.

9) Optimal route choice and good execution, won this leg in spite of my bad foot.

The route to #10 was marked by the organizers: The course planner hadn't realized that all the pistol ranges underneath #9 would be in use this afternoon, including the area north of the marked ranges where all runers would normally come down!

The problem was that many competitors had already finished their race before the pistol club turned up, it was at that time the organizer realized that they had to mark a safe path. Their intention was to end all the courses on control 9, but as I'm writing this the online results still include the last part, where the early runners saved 1-2 minutes. :-(
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OBIK P18 Skytterkollen (19/08/2014) OBIK P18 Skytterkollen (19/08/2014)