Edsträffen (16/08/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ed
Organiser: Eds SK
Distance: 4.3 km
Time: 32:13
Big progress! :-)

Tom A Karlsen gave me a tip about this race in Ed, just a short distance SE of Halde. The shorter courses was supposed to use an area with good runnability, and this would be perfect for my recovering leg.

I could not enter in my usual H55 cathegory, since that class had a long course today, something which I didn't dare to attempt, so instead I ran Open Course 7:

Very good to #1 and #2, probably close to optimal route choices and execution.

#3 was a repeat of my recent mistakes: I hit an area where the vegetation was dense enough to hide the contour detail and then I immediately lost the direction, costing me about a minute.

Recovered nicely to #4 and 5, but it really hurts to see 15-year old girls run faster than me.

Good flow to 6, 7 8 & 9 but the logged area I had to cross to #10 cost me almost a minute: I still can't run at all without seeing exactly what I'm stepping on.

In the end I actually won the course by a couple of seconds, averaging 8:57 min/km. This means that I'm still 1-2 minutes slower per km than what I'm used to, but a couple of weeks ago the difference was 3+ minutes so I'm definitely improving. :-)

Next year I hope to be back fighting for class wins!
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Edsträffen (16/08/2014) Edsträffen (16/08/2014)