Skjærgårdscup 3 (31/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sildevika
Organiser: Egil Iversen
Distance: 5.08 km
Time: 50:41
Average HR: 146
Maximum HR: 162
The third O/BBQ afternoon proved to be very heavy going for my recovering foot, I had to walk much of the course and still managed to make two huge blunders:

First I started to orienteer from 6 to 7 when I was at #5! I turned around the green dense forest, found a reentrant/valley that lead in the same direction as the one going to the field and found a path which I followed until it started making a sharp right turn. At that point I finally realized what I had done and had to fight my way across the terrain, climbing up on the final hill a little bit further north than where I believed I was, adding another minute or two searching for the control. (All the previous ones had been very visible, but this one I had to get quite close to.

The next leg was OK until I got inside the control circle but then I failed to climb up on the little hill east of the boulder and didn't see it. With my non-existent running speed I lost another couple of minutes here. (Not being able to move at competition speed seems to mess up my normally quite accurate distance estimation.)

The last controls were OK, but I lost two minutes just on the "run-in" from the last control.
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Skjærgårdscup 3 (31/07/2014) Skjærgårdscup 3 (31/07/2014)