Jukola 2015 test map ver 1 (19/06/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Turku
I had to skip Jukola this year, so now I am looking forward to 2015 near Turku!

This map was generated by an updated version of the same code that I used for the 2014 map, it is georeferenced at a scale of 1 m per pixel. I have looked at the Google Earth images from 2012, this indicates that there are quite a bit of recent logging activity which probably means that, just like this year, many of the yellow areas are going to be some shade of green for the competition.

If I get hold of some recent maps of nearby areas, scanned during the same flights as this area, then I can use the vegetation classifications from those maps to calibrate the various shades of green, so please send me any tips!

I expect the competition center to be near the north end, close to the race (bike?) tracks.

Looking at the terrain it seems like at least the longer courses which go all the way south will have significant climb, many of the hillsides go 50 m straight up.
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Jukola 2015 test map ver 1 (19/06/2014) Jukola 2015 test map ver 1 (19/06/2014)