Seiløy hike on auto-generated map (24/05/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hvaler
Distance: 7.45 km
Time: 194:40
Tone & I were joined by two other couples this weekend, we spent an extremely nice Saturday hiking all the way around this small island on the NW edge of the Hvaler archipelago.

The auto-generated map is very nice here, with good contours, excellent vegetation classification and most significant cliffs detected.

The bay on the west side of the island is known locally as "Fredagshullet", i.e. "the Friday Hole", the location where local boats sail or motor to anchor up for the weekend, and with the nice weather we had lots of boats had turned up this weekend, but nobody else attempted our hilly round-island hike.
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Seiløy hike on auto-generated map (24/05/2014) Seiløy hike on auto-generated map (24/05/2014)