OBIK Skansebakken (22/05/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bergendal - Sørkedalen
Organiser: OSI
Distance: 3.05 km
Time: 25:21
Average HR: 137
Maximum HR: 157
Yet another regular event done as MTBO: I rode my bike from home and up the the arena, then checked out all the available courses. This one (C) seemed like the longest where it would be feasible to ride most of it, but I still ended up dragging my bike most of the way up to #2, parts of the way through the marsh to #3 and most of the hillside until I reached the path towards #4.

Anyway, with nearly 40 minutes to the event, 25 minutes of MTBO and around 35 min for the return trip home I got some needed training.

I'm counting the days until my ankle/heel/hip operation, it is scheduled for June 3rd.
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OBIK Skansebakken (22/05/2014) OBIK Skansebakken (22/05/2014)