Oslo City Cup Finale - MTBO course checking (06/05/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Ullevål
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 8.48 km
Time: 43:40
Average HR: 132
Maximum HR: 160
My club Nydalen hosted the finale of the Oslo City Cup this year, on a brand new map of the Ullevål hospital and surrounding areas. I had volunteered to check flags and EMIT punching units so I rode around two of the three main courses, first the one for D17 (drawn here with slightly smaller rings and digits, and then the H17 course which was preprinted on this map.

Since about half the course was identical for both of them I intentionally tested out many alternative routes, particularly fence passages. This caused me to mess up around control 11-12-13 on my second round when I took the eastern alternative from 11, then rode directly to #13 on faulty map memory and skipped #12. This caused some consternation when my EMIT tag was checked afterwards, until we realized what I had done. :-)

I rode around the buildings to #14 on the first lap, this was better than going through them due to the stairs at the south opening.

To #16 I went south first, then north. North was probably better both on MTB and for runners.
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Oslo City Cup Finale - MTBO course checking (06/05/2014) Oslo City Cup Finale - MTBO course checking (06/05/2014)