Bike ride on "Kyststien" and "Kjentmannspost" visit (09/04/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nesodden
Organiser: Anne Berit/Gunnar
Distance: 46.73 km
Time: 264:06
This was a great idea! Anne Berit asked us to take the boat from Oslo to Nesoddtangen, bringing our MTBs. From the harbor area we rode along "Kystien" ("The Coastal Path"), a very nice marked route along the steep eastern hillside of Nesodden.

Most of the path follows small existing paved or dirt roads, with just enough small paths to bind them together and make the riding interesting. The longer red and yellow sections of the track shows where we had to carry the bikes past big obstacles, of where there wasn't too many.

At Sørby pier we took our first break, taking a lot of photos of the pier sign since one of the riders, Anne S H has Sørby as her middle name.

From this pier we had 90 m of climb straight up a dirt road, I put my bike in the lowest possible gear and just managed to ride up, having the laen forward all the time so my bike wouldn't turn over backwards, and to get any kind of steering from my front wheel.

Up on the main road we road futher south and west, then stopped near Fjell farm, left out bikes and hiked up to a "Kjentmannspost", i.e. a semi-permanent control that has been left out for a 3-year period ending this fall. This particular control is located in a steep gully with cliffs on both sides, it is called "The Valley of Death"!

After taking a little break at a nearby overlook ("Utsikten") we got back down to our bikes and finished the ride on the west side of the peninsula. At the end there was a bit of a race in order to reach the 20:00 boat, I got on but immediately after when I turned around and looked for my friends the gangway red light had been turned on and the boat left before they could get on so they had to wait for the next boat half an hour later.

When we landed at Aker Brygge I finished with the nice seaside bike path to where I live, another 15-20 minutes, making a nice end to a very enjoyable evening!

PS. The map shown here was constructed by taking the publicly available vector map data in order to generate a georeferenced OCAD map, which I then "filled in" using a scanned orienteering map as well as screen shots from online raster maps.
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Bike ride on "Kyststien" and "Kjentmannspost" visit (09/04/2014) Bike ride on "Kyststien" and "Kjentmannspost" visit (09/04/2014)