Oslo City Cup #2 - MTBO (08/04/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Godliaparken
Organiser: Oppsal
Distance: 3.76 km
Time: 25:15
Average HR: 129
Maximum HR: 148
Yet another MTB-O on a course designed for foot-O, but this is still fun!

I managed to strap my Ski-O map holder to my bike handlebars, but the plastic plate is only 22x22 cm or so, so I had to fold away half the map before starting, then refold after control 8.

OK bike route choices to #1 & #2, started correct towards #3 but changed my mind halfway, this was really stupid, it would have been far faster to keep going right on the paved paths and roads.

To #4 I rode the path up to the control, but it would probably have been even faster to ride all the way around the building to the left.

The main mistake happened to #5, I didn't read the map properly and thought I had to cross between the two buildings east of the control, then I hit a flag very quickly and stamped, a clear MP.

At control #6 the dense forest started and my riding speed dropped precipitously, but I managed to ride my bike into each control going down, then I had to drag it uphill.
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Oslo City Cup #2 - MTBO (08/04/2014) Oslo City Cup #2 - MTBO (08/04/2014)