Oslo City Cup #1 as MTBO (01/04/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skøyen skole
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 4.27 km
Time: 24:28
Average HR: 132
Maximum HR: 161
This event was perfect for my "absolutely no running" doctor's advice, I could stamp on most of the controls while astride my bike, I only had to drag it over obstacles a few times. :-)

Since the Ski-O map holder didn't work too well last week I tried to carry my map in my left hand today, using the right to steer and to punch the controls, with the result that I messed up the orienteering a bit.

OK to 1 & 2, I might have kept up with a few regular runners going downhill to that second control.

On #3 I tried to use map memory so I could keep both hands on the handlebars, but that lead to a mispunch on a control before the one I needed. On the way to the next control I realized that something was wrong and turned back, finding the correct control but with nearly 2 min time loss.

#4 was OK, to #5 I should have gone right, i.e. flat, instead of climbing all the way to the top. Maybe 30 sec?

OK to 6, 7 & 8, all very easy controls.

I missed the narrow path opening to #9, and spent some additional time inside the playing field before I located the control.

OK to 10, 11, 12 & 13, then I had to balance on a big windfall across the creek to #14 before I could drag my bike up to the path above.

I made another small mistake leaving #16, I'm too used to be able to read the map whenever I want to. :-)

Since I started half an hour before the rest so I wouldn't hit anyone going around corners, I lost 10-15 seconds from the last control to the finish line since half the competitors were still camped in the run-in. :-)

Orienteering is always fun, but I really need to get myself an MTBO map holder if I'm going to do more events this way!
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Bjørn Sverre Gulheim : Litt sjokkert gjennomgang av kartet ditt, tenkte HVA? hvor du løper "feil" fra strekk på strekk i starten, lurt fælt på hva du hadde drevet med. ETTER HVERT fikk jeg jo en god forklaring! Du syklet, nicely done. Vil bare ønske deg god bedring, lol jeg pleier se på kartene og ta ut egne veivalg og slikt før jeg leser kommentarene om hva "utøverne" har gjort.... :-)
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Oslo City Cup #1 as MTBO (01/04/2014) Oslo City Cup #1 as MTBO (01/04/2014)