Oslo City Cup #1 as MTBO (01/04/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skøyen skole
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 4.27 km
Time: 24:28
Average HR: 132
Maximum HR: 161
This event was perfect for my "absolutely no running" doctor's advice, I could stamp on most of the controls while astride my bike, I only had to drag it over obstacles a few times. :-)

Since the Ski-O map holder didn't work too well last week I tried to carry my map in my left hand today, using the right to steer and to punch the controls, with the result that I messed up the orienteering a bit.

OK to 1 & 2, I might have kept up with a few regular runners going downhill to that second control.

On #3 I tried to use map memory so I could keep both hands on the handlebars, but that lead to a mispunch on a control before the one I needed. On the way to the next control I realized that something was wrong and turned back, finding the correct control but with nearly 2 min time loss.

#4 was OK, to #5 I should have gone right, i.e. flat, instead of climbing all the way to the top. Maybe 30 sec?

OK to 6, 7 & 8, all very easy controls.

I missed the narrow path opening to #9, and spent some additional time inside the playing field before I located the control.

OK to 10, 11, 12 & 13, then I had to balance on a big windfall across the creek to #14 before I could drag my bike up to the path above.

I made another small mistake leaving #16, I'm too used to be able to read the map whenever I want to. :-)

Since I started half an hour before the rest so I wouldn't hit anyone going around corners, I lost 10-15 seconds from the last control to the finish line since half the competitors were still camped in the run-in. :-)

Orienteering is always fun, but I really need to get myself an MTBO map holder if I'm going to do more events this way!
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Oslo City Cup #1 as MTBO (01/04/2014) Oslo City Cup #1 as MTBO (01/04/2014)