Regular O done as MTBO (27/03/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hvalstrand
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 5.42 km
Time: 44:24
Average HR: 144
Maximum HR: 171
My season is over even before it started, the ankle pain that had been bothering me since last fall got worse over Chritmas/New Year when I did nothing but xc skiing, so I went to see my local specialist. A set of CT (see below the map!) images showed that I have a fairly big void (a cyst) inside my heel bone, the pain probably started when I channel opened up so liquids could move around.

I've been told that I can do absolutely no running until a few months after surgery (they intend to take bone from my hip and fill up the void), but that I should try biking and skiing for training. Today we had great weather so I took a chance and started in a local event with my MTB, using my Ski-O map holder!

Except for the downhill leg to the fourth control I was far slower than the regular runners, and I had to drag the bike around quite a bit, but it was still a lot of fun!
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Regular O done as MTBO (27/03/2014) Regular O done as MTBO (27/03/2014)