Gate-O (30/01/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eiksmarka
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 8.55 km
Time: 58:12
Average HR: 149
Maximum HR: 174
Ran with my extremely cheap (~$60) & powerful (4000 lumen?) DX lamp. Probably not nearly as durable as my Lupine Betty X, but the amount and distribution of illumination seems to be comparable! :-)

The race map was unfortunately quite low quality laser print, the combined A+B round image shown here needed a lot of Photoshop work to become readable.

Mostly OK even if my running form is horrible this time of the year, if I try any high-intensity runs in winter I always seem to end up with throat inflammations that require antibiotics.

Most of my time loss was on the first lap, between control 3 and 8 where I managed to unplug the head lamp battery twice. (I ran without a battery harness, keeping it in my back pocket and this left no spare length in the cable.) On leg 3-4 on the first lap I first lost my light (by the big building), then tried to plug it back standing outside the well-lighted entrance, couldn't reach it and ran on until the path where I finally got it after taking off my jacket. At that point I was so flustered that I ran up the wrong path and started searching for the control in the wrong area.
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Gate-O (30/01/2014) Gate-O (30/01/2014)