Høiås Trimtex Night Cup #7 (11/01/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fredrikstadmarka Syd
Organiser: HSK, Hanna Haugen Nordbrøden
Distance: 7.38 km
Time: 57:00
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 170
Started very well, full concentration to the first 4 controls with good (obvious?) route choices and nice execution.

On #5 there was a thicket hiding the control, leting me pass it by 10-15 m. Lost 1 min here but still had the best split time.

To #6 the plan was th take the first path but the big December storm had felled so many trees in this area that I didn't find it! I Ran on to the second path but this turned out to be significantly slower, Bjørn Axel was 1 min faster here.

To #7 I never go the directions to fit the path system so I hesitated quite a bit and ended up missing the control as well, losing another minute on this control.

The long leg to #8 was the most challenging of the course, I had good control past the stony field 100 m before the control but when I hit the path I assumed that I was still north of the very indistinct path junctions, so I just ran on for another 150 m before I realized that I was getting closer to #9. I ended up bailing all the way to the lighted ski track and found the control from the back side.

It would have been much faster and very safe to avoid the cliffs by Stordammen and instead follow the big paths all the way through the finish and around the way I ended up anyway!

OK to #9, except that I got very confused by another reflex marker that hung on the boulder 30 m to the north.

OK to the last control.
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Høiås Trimtex Night Cup #7 (11/01/2014) Høiås Trimtex Night Cup #7 (11/01/2014)