Jukola 2014 test map (31/12/2013)
Category: Training
Distance: 5.58 km
Time: 10:35
New Year's gift to orienteers intending to take part in Jukola 2014:

A 256 dpi (1 m per pixel) map of next year's Jukola terrain!

I am guessing that the event center will be located on the farm near the top of the map, giving some interesting hills directly after the start triangle. For the night legs I'm hoping we will have either a passing control or one of the last controls on the hill above those fields, giving a great view to everyone present.
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Hansi: Bra jobba! Er ekvidistansen 5 meter?
Terje Mathisen : I should have written this on the map:

The scale is 1:10000 @ 256 dpi with 5 m contour interval 2.5 m form lines everywhere, so effectively 2.5 m interval.
ArTi : Amazing, Terje. Du får en aksje i Tyrving's Jukola-suksess 2014 ;-)
Jagge: Karttapullautin version of the same area can be found here:
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Jukola 2014 test map (31/12/2013) Jukola 2014 test map (31/12/2013)