Gate-O (12/12/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bjørnegård-Tanum
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 7.24 km
Time: 43:23
Nice Street-O event on icy roads, so I ran with my studded Inov-8s. We had two rounds with a map flip between them, this map shows both rounds:

OK to 1, 2 & 3, when I passed the location of #9 I noticed that there was a control hanging there, very visible from the road. At this point I almost started running towards #5 but recovered after just a second or two.

#6 was the big route choice leg, I spent the leg to #5 looking at the alternatives but didn't decide until after punching. Looking at the split times this was my second-best leg so the route choice must have been pretty good even if pure running is my weakest point.

I considered going left to #7 but that seemed like too much climb.

I could have passed between the first pair of buildings towards 8, but with the heaps of plowed snow it was much easier to run the way I did.

I had to walk up the big hill towards #9, when I understood that it was the control I had seen on my first lap Itook it from the road side even though the control description indicated that it should have been placed on the opposite side of the wall!

Control #11 was another pure running leg, my route choice was almost certainly the best: Close to the shortest possible and zero climb until I got to the control circle.

#15 was the next route choice leg, without 10-15 cm snow on all the fields I would have gone more direct but today I took the only reasonable route.
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Gate-O (12/12/2013) Gate-O (12/12/2013)