Ås by Night & Fog Cup (26/11/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Smerta
Organiser: Ås
Distance: 6.39 km
Time: 57:03
Nice terrain & brand new map, one major mistake:

Started with the safe path option for the first half of the long first leg, except for some directional problems in the heavy green just before the control it went OK.

Good flow to #2, by the time I started down the final hillside I saw the reflex from almost 100 m away!

Nr 3 was the big disaster, with 8-9 min time loss: I had problems keeping the direction along the hillside but when I hit the dual boulders 100 E of the control I recovered. The problem was that I didn't see the light green betweeen those boulders and the control cliff: When I hit this area I lost confidence and started searching, then decided to run for the path in order to recover. I did find a path which I followed down until I could see a house below me, then I ran up and searched again, obviously still in the wrong area.

I then went SW where I finally found the real path (much larger than the unmapped one I had been on!) and then the control.

A competitor was just a few seconds ahead of me here, when he went straight I decided to try the big road/path route choice, this turned out to be pretty much identical in time.

I lost some time getting stuck in green towards #5, it would have been better to return the way I came up!

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Ås by Night & Fog Cup (26/11/2013) Ås by Night & Fog Cup (26/11/2013)