Veritas Natt (20/11/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann
Organiser: VBIL
Distance: 5.51 km
Time: 46:59
A full month since my last orienteering race and my legs have been awful since we flew back from vacation in the Caribbean, so I hoped that by running the longest course I would get rid of some of the residue:

OK to the first 3 controls, then I lost the path system towards #4.

Nr 5 and 6 went OK but I messed around too much trying to findthe best way up to #7.

OK to 8, some hesitations in the path junctions towards 9, then OK all the way to 13.

Missed 14 by a few meters, then quite easy running to the finish.
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Veritas Natt (20/11/2013) Veritas Natt (20/11/2013)