Blodslitet H55 (19/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rørfjell
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 12.94 km
Time: 89:02
Since Blodslitet went so well for me last year and I have probably been the best overall in my class this year, I started with the hope that I could easily stay in the front, but that was not to happen:

I got the results of a blood test last week and it turnes out my HgB levels were too low, I've been taking iron supplements but it seemed like it hasn't been enough.

By the time we started on the tough climb from the field between 4 and 5 I realized that I had to let go and started walking all the way to the top, dropping down to around my eventual final placement.

For the leg towards the butterfly start (#7) I saw that the last people to pass me (Kjell Markset and Stein Martinsen) were going straight but I decided to take the paths in order to save some energy. Even though I had to walk a bit on the path by the open field I still almost caught back up to those two guys at the top of Rørfjell, but when they left the path to go straight down to the control I decided to stay on the path past the huge cairn, then go via control #12 in order to check that area out.

This worked well, except that I managed to make a 30 sec miss the last time I was headed for the central control, i.e. I was just going to retrace what I did the first time so I thought I didn't have to orienteer! :-(

I also lost 20 sec because I left the control in the wrong direction, going back towards #6, something I realized while I was refolding my map.

I know I have a problem with controls in open/felled areas, the minute I lost on #14 was typical: It is so open that I can see too far and feel like I should just be able to see the control so I don't need to watch my compass.

OK to 15.

I should have gone straight or left to #16 but at this point I had been alone since before #6 and was mentally as well as physically tired so I took the safest option, probably losing half a minute or so, or at least enough to that Stein and Kjell who had made some mistakes in the butterfly caught up to me here.

I tried to increase the speed and ran well to 17 & 18, but then I made a bad route choice to #19: Stein went straight and were well ahead of me & Kjell.
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Blodslitet H55 (19/10/2013) Blodslitet H55 (19/10/2013)