Harry Lagert C (16/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann Øst
Organiser: Nydalen
Distance: 4.19 km
Time: 36:39
Tough course, bad execution:

OK to the easy first control.

Towards #2 I ran as planned until I crossed the line between 5 & 6, but then I stopped looking at my compass, believing I could follow a ridge towards the control. Instead I went almost 90 degrees to far left and when I hit a path I believed I was on the path to the right of the control! (Yes, I know this was really stupid. :-()

Even after hitting the main path (a ski track in winter so quite wide) it took em a few seconds to realize where I was. Probable 3:30 to 4 min time loss on this control.

Contoured nicely to #3, used fall line angle to #4 and took the safe path alternative to #5.

Control 6 was the real route choice leg, it was probably fastest to run almost straight, just taking advantage of a few short paths along the way, but my route was extremely safe and easy to execute.

I tried to go slightly left towards #7 in order to use the rides left behind by logging machines, but I overdid this badly and ended up running in bad parts of the slope. The best route is just a little bit right of the line in order to stay in white forest all the way, avoiding the rock fields.

Fast contouring to #8, compass course to #9 and the obvious path choice to #10.

I think I found a good route to the last control!
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Harry Lagert C (16/10/2013) Harry Lagert C (16/10/2013)