25-Manna Korten H55 (13/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brunna
Organiser: Järfella
Distance: 4.1 km
Time: 29:08
Good orienteering, no big mistakes, I was just about a min/km too slow today:

Relatively easy first control, even though the forest is a lot denser around the control than what the map shows.

Good flow to #2 and #3.

I hesitated a lot towards #4: Straight on must have been the fastest but it seemed too dangerous, so I decided to run around. I should have followed the path further east, until due south of the control. I made a 15-sec detour inside the circle and lost well over a minute to the best leg time.

OK to #5 and #6.

I lost the direciton a bit towards #7 and when I got to the hillside it didn't look like what I thought the map showed, but I decided I just had to climb up to the correct altitude and follow the hillside to the control, which worked OK, but probably cost another 20-30 sec.

OK to #8, 9 & 10, on #11 I didn't at first see the control underneath the first cliff so I checked the second then I had to go back. Lost 15 sec.

OK to the last controls.

I ended up in 5th place (out of 115), exactly 3:30 after Sixten W who will be very hard to beat next weekend at Blodslitet!
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25-Manna Korten H55 (13/10/2013) 25-Manna Korten H55 (13/10/2013)