25-Manna 7c (12/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brunna
Organiser: Järfella
Leg: 7C
Distance: 6.27 km
Time: 37:34
Nice terrain, very good map and good course planning. Just very sad that the IT system broke down completely! As I write this on Sunday night, nearly 36 hours after the end of the relay, we still haven't gotten any result lists. :-(

Nydalen had a very reduced first team this year, with almost no senior men or women, so I got to run the 7C leg which is open to all runners including H21E.

All four of Nydalen's runners started within two minutes or so, and we finished within a single minute which is very important since this was the last of the 4-wide legs, i.e. the next runner (on leg 23) had to wait until all four of us had finished.

My race went very well, I made no real mistakes, the only time losses were due to a few hesitations and extra stops to read the map one time extra, particularly in the old forest fire area SE of the event centre.

My forking measured 5.6 km including the marked routes which means that my 37:34 from map exchange to map exchange corresponds to 6:43 min/km which is my fastest forest run this year.
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Stein Blomseth : Wow! Imponerende tid. Og meget solid stafettløping, etter hva jeg har hørt var det relativt mye bomming der borte.
Hansi: Bra løpt, og kult terreng! lønte veivalgene til 5, 9. og 10 post seg?
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25-Manna 7c (12/10/2013) 25-Manna 7c (12/10/2013)