Harry Lagert Course Setter (09/10/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Skytterkollen
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 15.23 km
Time: 358:47
A long day! I left home around 15:20, drove to Skytterkollen and got ready to put out all the controls for the night's race. Since I didn't want to get too warm and sweaty it took 82 minutes to jog around and put out all the controls.

The race went well with about 160 competitors, then I waited until the last "Rekrutt" (beginners) had finished which was about half an hour after the last starter, put on my best head lamp and made another trip around to pick up the EMIT control units and reflex markers.

This time I ran without a compass, and mostly on map memory, which caused a small detour on #5 (too far north) and when I didn't spot the first junction when I tried to follow the paths all the way between 9 and 10. This second lap took 66 minutes.
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Harry Lagert Course Setter (09/10/2013) Harry Lagert Course Setter (09/10/2013)