Harry Lagert Bonus C (02/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hønefoten
Organiser: Nydalen
Distance: 3.94 km
Time: 33:06
Nice terrain & map, good weather, but I still managed to mess up badly:

(My GPS refused to start until near the end of the first butterfly loop, so the total time is wrong!)

This race had a mass start, I took the wrong route choice to the first control, and then I didn't even mange to find the first path up the hill, but I had a lot of people following me even so!

Lost 30-60 seconds here.

I started out in the wrong direction towards #2, noticed it but didn't correct enough, so even though I didn't stop completely I probably lost another 30 sec.

#3 was good, and also the return down to #4.

OK to #5, except that I had to walk a bit in the high heather.

#6 was the disaster: I intentionally aimed a bit high in order to avoid the cliffs when crossing the stream, but then I left the path a little bit too soon going down towards the control, but as the track log shows I did realize this and cut back towards the flag, stopping just 10-20 m away without spotting the reflex marker!

At this point I had no proper plan at all, I couldn't figure out a good way to relocate and ended up spending another 5:30 searching around in the hillside, for a total time loss of 6 minutes. :-(

The rest of the race went OK:

I had intended to go more direct towards #9 but didn't understand that I was on the wrong path. I realized that something was wrong though so I just kept running down to the road where it was easy to relocate and aim for the control.

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Harry Lagert Bonus C (02/10/2013) Harry Lagert Bonus C (02/10/2013)