NM Feltidrett (orientering) (26/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vestmarksetra/Jordbru
Organiser: Asle Kvaase
Distance: 4.53 km
Time: 31:04
The last part of a military championship: We start with a biathlon-like combination of running and shooting, then there is a marked course with 8 controls along it or visible from it where we have to mark each flag position on a map, before we switched over to the last part which was this orienteering course.

I hit 12 out of 20 targets so I got 8 penalty minutes from the shooting, then I made two mistakes (of 4+4 mm) on the marked course for another 8 penalty minutes, but the final orienteering course was really trivial!

1.5 km of pure running to the first control, then maybe 100 m easy navigation.

The second control was pure transport and so was #3.

Nr 4 was the only real control on this course, I could probably have saved a little time by starting the hill climb further north and finding the path somewhere lower down, but my choice was very safe indeed.

Nr 5 was another pure running control, you just needed to notice the path bend and switch over to the other path, then cross the dark green valley to get to the flag.

The championship ended up with the exact same podium as last year (Juveli in front of Oskarsson, both in H21E), I got the bronze medal. Not too bad for a H55 guy! :-)
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NM Feltidrett (orientering) (26/09/2013) NM Feltidrett (orientering) (26/09/2013)