Harry Lagert 2 C (25/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Steinbruvann
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 4.06 km
Time: 33:50
Better than last week, a mostly clean run:

1. Taking the path up and around the valley was the obvious choice but since I crossed that valley in my previous run in this terrain, I knew that it wasn't too bad, and then I could just contour along to the control which I hit spot on.

2. Nice flow here as well, except that I stopped and checked that there was a control under the cliff 70 m before my own. 15 sec?

3. Tough uphill leg with lots of heather!

4. The crux of the course: I did not find the best solution here! Going right of Stokkevann I should have been a bit further north, hitting the white stripe downhill, but the southern alternative was probably about a minute faster if you avoided the cliffs and boulder fields.

5. Tried to take the safe option, but the climb uphill through loose rock was slow and then I followed the path too far downhill and had to climb up again to the control. Running left of the line in the white would have saved some time.

6. Mostly OK, could have gone straight down and across the road.

7. I think I found the best route here.

8. Missed a few seconds inside the circle when I didn't see the control and ran around it.

9. OK. Could have gone straight down and through the marsh but the path was OK.
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Harry Lagert 2 C (25/09/2013) Harry Lagert 2 C (25/09/2013)