Fränkels Kanna (21/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sessvollmoen
Organiser: NROF Oslo
Distance: 4.18 km
Time: 26:08
The orienteering part of a military city match between Oslo and Gothenburg, We (the Oslo team) have won this event the last 4 years, I am usually the only serious orienteer here.

The race went very well, except for control #6: When I passed the tiny cabin halfway on this leg I entered an area that had been totally destroyed by windfall in a severe storm 1.5 years ago, today it was simply impossible to get through most places and all the paths had disappeared. I spent about 5 minutes here, in the end I had to go all the way down to the big track by the lake and attack the control from #7. If I had instead taken the path to the left of the line from near that cabin, I would have avoided all these problems.

I still won the race by 3+ minutes, but it should have been 8. :-(

Oslo won this year as well, so we'll keep the "Kanna" (i.e. The Cup) which the winners get to have until next year. :-)
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Fränkels Kanna (21/09/2013) Fränkels Kanna (21/09/2013)