Harry Lagert 1 C (18/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skar
Organiser: Egil Rundberget
Distance: 3.94 km
Time: 38:25
A fun end to a too long & tough day:

I started with 1.5 hours of max strength training (indoor climbing gym), then spent another 1.5 hours picking up all the controls from the event I held yesterday before I got to Skar and the first Harry Lagert Night-O race of the year.

The split times show clearly that this was simply too much, :-(

I had severe problems reading the map, particularly the indistinct paths, but I hit the first 5 controls OK.

I should have either gone down around the green or up 2-3 contours to the ledge with marshes towards #6, as it was I spent far too long inside the dense planted forest before making it to the path.

The main problem was that I thought I was further up along the path and decided to run all the way up above the control, then follow the stream down: When I got to the point where the path crosses the narrow marsh the rain had turned that into a stream, so I believed I was at the stream! Running inside the green stuff instead of the open spur and then searching in the wrong area caused a total time loss of about 2 min.

Ran fast down to 7, then intended to follow the path to #8: When I got there I realized that this was a line of small cliffs and no path! Didn't lose more than a few seconds here though.

Turned too far east when running down to the path/fence towards the last control, lost 10-15 sec.
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Harry Lagert 1 C (18/09/2013) Harry Lagert 1 C (18/09/2013)