NM Relay (15/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hoff
Organiser: Kongsberg
Leg: 1
Distance: 8.56 km
Time: 67:22
Orienteering mostly OK until the very end, but my current running speed was far from good enough for this event:

I decided immediately that I would run around the first hill even if the entire starting field ran straight over, but it turned out that everyone followed the track. I had started at the end of the 120-man strong starting group so the entire uphill slog was in a long dual line.

Closer to the control people started to split apart for the forking controls, but a lot of them seemed to join the wrong group or make other stupid mistakes, there were runners going in all directions!

I hit this one and the next perfectly, but from halfway to #3 I was effectively alone, just seeing other runners occationally as they were recovering from earlier mistakes.

I hesitated a bit before #5, maybe 10-15 sec, then decided that I'd take the easy option to #6:

Except for the spot of dark green the valley down to the path was very runnable and the control was of course dead easy this way.

I took the path option also to #7, then I hesitated a bit 70-80 m north of #8 because the entire area was an old logging field but only partially mapped as such.

Another safe route choice to #8, following the exit tracks up into the control.

The first two controls on the second loop were very easy, then I had to take bit more care to locate #13, running around a windfall to get into the control marsh.

This little detour meant that I entered the control from the side, so when I angled about 90 degrees out to the next, I ended up going in the wrong direction!

At this point I was mentally finished with the race and had to get all the way down to the roadside in order to recover, having passed just a few meters from the control on my way there. I lost 1:30++ here. :-(

I almost passed the next control, dropping another 5-10 sec, then the last two were easy.

I should have been at least 6-7 minutes faster in order to match my better races this season!
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NM Relay (15/09/2013) NM Relay (15/09/2013)