Veteranmesterskapet H55 (07/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Beitostølen
Organiser: Øystre Slidre
Distance: 6.94 km
Time: 49:21
Norwegian Veteran's Championship Long Distance:

A good race, defending my title from the same event last year. :-)

Managed a good start, winning the first three split times:

Obvious route to #1, then I considered three alternatives to #2: Straight, down to the road or halfway down then follow the ledge in the terrain. I started with the road option but when I made it down to the first big marsh the hillside terrain looked so nice that I changed my mind and took the hillside instead, partially because that would allow me a closer look at the area above #6 which seemed to be one of the hardest controls on the course.

I did miss the control by about 20 m, coming a little bit too low due to the vegetation boundaries where the green seemed to start lower down than on the map. Lost about 10 sec? At least one of my competitors did the exact same mistake here.

Good speed and control up to #3, but from this point on I really noticed my lack of proper rest (sleep) & preparation for this race, the remainder was a fight to try to keep the speed up.

I almost had to walk up the hillside to #4, then I hesitated a bit towards 5.

My plan was to go left of the pond to #6 but I started out in the wrong direction so I had to switch to the other side which forced me to spend more time in the wet marsh. Down the final 150 m I used both compass and pace counting, while checking the ledge I had used towards #2.

I intended to go a little bit to the right of the line to #8, but I allowed the vegetation to steer me wherever it was easiest to run, so when I hit the stream in the flat area I just cut left and got back on my planned route.

#9 was my only real miss, when I got into the control circle I was intentionally a little bit high to make sure that I wouldn't pass underneath the control knoll, but when I couldn't see any knoll down to my left I turned right. (The control knoll was really very flat indeed.) According to my gps I lost about 45 sec here.

Pure anger gave me winning splits to the next two controls, then I lost a few seconds on the road/ski track run to #12.

#13 turned out to be a repeat control from my win at last year's O-Festivalen, it was very difficult then and required just as much care this time but I spiked it with compass+pace counting+checking the right-angle semi-open area.

I was beaten soundly on the final control and the run-in, losing 17 + 4 seconds to the fastest runners, but I still won the race by more than 3 min, vs just 7 seconds last year. :-)
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Hansi: Grattis med seier! Interessant taktikk til 8. post, hadde virkelig ikke trodd det skulle være et bra veivalg. Tror du at det er raskere enn en svak høyrevariant?
Terje Mathisen : Planen_var_ en svak høyresving, men som jeg skrev så løp jeg der det så best ut og da havnet jeg enda litt lenger høyre enn planlagt. Vant strekket, så det må ha vært OK tross alt. :-)
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Veteranmesterskapet H55 (07/09/2013) Veteranmesterskapet H55 (07/09/2013)