OBIK Open Championship / NMK 6 (05/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Steinbruvann
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 3.71 km
Time: 25:54
Good race on a very good map, in the parts used for the Norwegian World Cup round, and with good course planning by Matt Speake. :-)

I won every split time except one in this event, so it was close to perfect:

1. Took the direct option along the reentrant, this was a good choice since I was almost 30% faster than the second-fastest.

2. More or less as planned, except that after crossing the bridge at the end of the lake I thought I was running on the main path but hit the indistinct one instead. I realized this shortly and cut uphill in the white forest, hitting the control perfectly.

3. Just a matter of controlling the contour attack angle and look for the best micro route choices through the stone, cliffs and boulders.

4. Coarse direction, checking the contour angle and running until I could glimpse the open area behind the control.

5. Considered going flat along the hillside, but when the heather seemed a bit high in the initial semi-open area, I took the path instead. Had a bad fall going downhill and barely avoided crashing my head into an exposed stone in the middle of the path!

6. First bad leg: Planned to follow the path past the cliffs, then cut back to the control, but when the terrain below the path looked very nice I decided to aim for the cliff opening just left of the line. I missed this target and spent 20 seconds running along the top of the cliff. Best split time anyway.

7. Pretty much perfect: 6:10 min/km on a 175 m leg is good.

8. Took the path until I could see the junction, then ran along the hillside below the scree until I could see the huge boulder, then cut uphill.

9. Tried to avoid the steep hill and ended up too far right when I didn't notice any of the paths I must have crossed. Probable time loss of 30+ seconds, was beaten by up to 18 seconds by multiple runners.

10. OK

11. As planned, except that the dangerous marsh on the map was almost dry (my shoes didn't even get wet here!), so when I hit the road I hesitated a bit, checking the contours and the road bends before going down to the control.
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OBIK Open Championship / NMK 6 (05/09/2013) OBIK Open Championship / NMK 6 (05/09/2013)